Pandora's Ring: Cinereal #1

Kaitlin R. Branch

ISBN 9781616504618
Publish Date 6/2/2008
Format ePub
Categories Romance Fantasy, Lyrical Press
List Price: $2.99

Cinereal, #1

The Damned found something too precious to destroy.

Harvesting the soul of a first-born should be an easy mission for Eli Tawson, Scavenger of the Damned. But when he meets Samantha Parker, he finds there is more to his mission than meets the eye. Samantha can see through his illusions and, after some instruction, creates the most powerful binding spell he’s ever experienced. Eli is intrigued and makes it his mission to find out why she was not collected by the demon who should own her soul.

Samantha wants nothing more than a normal life and to be left alone. She is both leery of and attracted to the strange Eli. The young woman finds herself thrust into a world she never knew existed of magic, angels and demons and nothing is what it seems. Pursued by another powerful demon and discovering her own hidden abilities, Samantha must discover the truth of her mother’s “death.” Her mother’s ring proves to be the key to her past and her future, leaving her straddling two worlds.

Eager to protect his newfound love, Eli soon finds Samantha might be the one who has to protect him.

17,00 Words

About Kaitlin R. Branch:

Kaitlin is from Omaha, NE, and attended Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN. She enjoys things such as running, dancing, writing, Patrick Stewart pontificating about the letter 'B', and going through a hair color change at least once a year. She is occasionally eaten by the internet, but always finds her way back into the real world. Sorta.

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