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Zomburbia: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel #1

Adam Gallardo

ISBN 9781617730986
Publish Date 8/26/2014
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Young Adult, KTeen
List Price: $9.95

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“Scary, freaky, and original. Get this book!” —Nancy Holder

Lifeless. Slow-moving. Brain-dead.
Welcome To Zomburbia.

My name is Courtney Hart, and I’m here to tell you about things that suck. Being born in a podunk town like Salem, Oregon, for one. Living in a world infested with zombies? That, too. And the meat heads I go to school with? I think I’d actually take the undead over them most days. But I have a plan to get out of here and move to New York. I just have to keep selling Vitamin Z along with your fries at The Bully Burger. The secret ingredient? Zombie brains.

I’ve noticed things are getting even worse lately, if that's even possible. The zombies seem to be getting smarter and faster. If I can avoid being arrested, eaten by shufflers, or catching the eye of some stupid boy, I should be able to make it through finals week still breathing. . .

“Gallardo’s world-building is innovative and fascinating, sick and twisted and unexpectedly touching. You’ll want to check that your zombie apocalypse closet is well stocked.” —Molly Harper White

“Readers are guaranteed plenty of mayhem and romance, laughter and heartbreak.” —James Patrick Kelly

About Adam Gallardo:

Best known for his work writing comics, Adam Gallardo lives in Oregon with his wife and sons. He's the writer of Star Wars: Infinities – Return of the Jedi and the creator of 100 Girls and Gear School. Adam studied creative writing at the Stonecoast MFA program in Maine. You can follow his digital exploits at, on Facebook (, or Twitter (

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