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The Bellingham Bloodbath: A Colin Pendragon Mystery

Gregory Harris

ISBN 9780758292698
Publish Date 8/26/2014
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Historical, Kensington
List Price: $15.00

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Colin Pendragon's reputation as a brilliant detective is undisputed in Victorian London. But when murder strikes inside the closed ranks of Her Majesty's Guard, he must penetrate a wall of silence and secrecy to discover the dark truth. . .

After a captain in Her Majesty's Guard and his young wife are brutally murdered in their flat, master sleuth Colin Pendragon and his partner Ethan Pruitt are summoned to Buckingham Palace. Major Hampstead demands discretion at all costs to preserve the reputation of the Guard and insists Pendragon participate in a cover-up by misleading the press.

In response, Pendragon makes the bold claim that he will solve the case in no more than three days' time or he will oblige the major and compromise himself. Racing against the clock--and thwarted at every turn by their Scotland Yard nemesis, Inspector Varcoe--Pendragon and Pruitt begin to assemble the clues around the grisly homicide, probing into private lives and uncovering closely guarded secrets. As the minutes tick away, the pressure--and the danger--mounts as Pendragon's integrity is on the line and a cold-blooded killer remains on the streets. . .

"Colin has Holmes' arrogance but is dimpled and charming, while Ethan is a darker Watson. . .the relationship between the leads is discreetly intriguing." --Kirkus Reviews

About Gregory Harris:

Gregory Harris is a graduate of USC who spent twenty years working on a variety of motion pictures and television series before turning his attentions to writing fiction. He resides in Southern California and is currently at work on the next installment of the Colin Pendragon series. 

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A Reputation at Stake (Friday, August 29, 2014)
Reviewer: Kathy Jund

Gregory Harris returns with book two in his Colin Pendragon mystery series, Bellingham Bloodbath. Colin Pendragon, self appointed and very successful independent investigator is summoned by a sergeant of the Queen's Life Guard to the scene of a grisly murder committed at the home of one of the Guards captains. Major Hampstead, head of Her Majesty's Life Guard resents the need for Colin's presence leading Colin to fear cover up. The added insinuation of Colin's nemesis, Inspector Emmett Varcoe into the case, who vocally captures the press' attention ensuring the Yard has all in hand is fuel enough to set Colin on a mission to out best him once again. However, determined to discover the perpetrator Colin finds himself committing to a deadline in which to bring the guilty person to light or face humiliation in front of the press at the hand of the much chagrined Major Hampstead. Ethan Pruitt, ever loyal to his partner's investigative skills fears Colin may have finally placed them in a situation bound to fail. Colin and Ethan must race against time sorting through the deception which abounds at every turn. The ever present and crotchety housekeeper (who continues her humorous rantings), Mrs. Behmoth, adds to the mix while undercurrents of unrest among the inhabitants of her home reek havoc that have nothing to do with the impending deadline.

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