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The Survivor Of The Holocaust

Jack Eisner

ISBN 1575661047
Publish Date 11/1/1996
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Kensington, World Wars
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"A powerful, uplifting memoir about the strength and coverage of the human spirit against incredible odds. A brave and extraordinary book."—Susan Strasberg, actress and author of Bittersweet

Thirteen-year-old Jack Eisner was about to enter the Warsaw Music Conservatory on a scholarship when Hitler's Nazis marched into Poland. As his peaceful world turned into a nightmare of unspeakable death, he—along with other resourceful teenagers—risked his life to smuggle food, hope, and survival into his besieged home.

From the terror of the Warsaw ghetto—where brave young rebels raised the flag with the Star of David—to the brutality and horror of the concentration and slave labor camps, The Survivor Of The Holocaust is Jack Eisner's remarkable personal story.

The astonishing account of one man's courageous and extraordinary encounter with a horrific chapter in our world's history, it is a story that will amaze, inspire and uplift you...a story you will never be able to forget.

Jack Eisner is the founder of the Warsaw Ghetto Resistance Organization, which organizes commemorations of the uprising every April across the nation. He established the Holocaust Survivors Memorial Foundation to disseminate the true story of the Holocaust through the arts and by endowing chairs at various universities. He lives in New York City.

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