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The Scent Of Murder

Barbara Block

ISBN 1575661950
Publish Date 8/1/1997
Format Hardcover
Categories Kensington, General
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Robin was behind the fish tanks of her Syracuse pet shop when the girl walked in the door. Fifteen-year-old Amy Richmond wasn't the type you could forget, not with her electric blue hair, corpse-white lipstick, and in-your-face nose ring. The ferret he was holding was albino, and wearing a rhinestone halter. But her appearance paled beside the message she had for Robin: "Murphy said you'd help me."

The very words sent chills down Robin's spine. Murphy was her ex-husband, who'd lived fast and died too young. A troubled, secretive man, he'd concealed a lot of things from his wife. Like the fact that Amy was his daughter. But soon Amy will need more help than Robin can give her: she has just become a prime suspect in the cold-blooded killing of her stepfather, the wealthy, powerful Dennis Richmond.

Suddenly Robin finds herself moving between the exclusive, privileged circles in which Amy grew up and the edgy, drug-infested world of squalor into which she seems to have disappeared. Hitting up on her street connections—including a hip ne'er-do-well named Manuel—Robin gets plugged into a secret network of runways, addicts and strippers, where a street-level lowlife and electronics genius named Toon Town appears to be calling all the shots.

And mixed up somewhere in the middle of it all is one insecure, terrified young girl Robin has to find before it is too late—for both of them.

A novel that manages to be both gritty and unsentimental and entertaining and humorous at the same time, The Scent Of Murder is Barbara Block's best book yet-with a tough-minded, fair-hearted detective at the top of her game.

About Barbara Block:

Barbara Block is the author of the Robin Light Mystery Series, Twister, In Plain Sight, Scent of Murder, and Vanishing Act. Her upcoming release, Endangered Species, will be available in September of 1999. She was recently named one of Booklist's Top Five Lesser Known Female Sleuths so, hopefully, a wider audience will discover her through the thrills of Endangered Species. A longtime freelance writer, Barbara has produced numerous feature articles and reviews in addition to her novels. When she's not writing, Barbara somehow finds the time to run a catering business specializing in desserts.

Barbara holds a BA in Spanish from New York University and an MA in Spanish from Columbia University. She has also studied at Hunter College and the School of Visual Arts. An avid traveler, Barbara has toured extensively through both Europe and Latin America.

As a youth, animals were among Barbara's many interests. Her childhood was crowded with pets of every kind that included a type of alligator known as a caiman. The caiman took up residence in the family bathtub, much to the guests' dismay. Her love for creatures has not dissipated over the years. Indeed, her deep interest in animals has led her to be a "mother" to dogs, cats, ferrets, Burmese pythons, and monitor lizards. Included in the zoo were three male Homo sapiens of her own.

Originally from New York City, Barbara Block has made Syracuse her home for twenty-five years.

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