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The Relativity Of Wrong

Isaac Asimov

ISBN 1575660083
Publish Date 1/1/1996
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Kensington, Science
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When is right wrong?
What is the Milky Way made of?
How are new stars born?

In a universe full of wonders, nothing more wondrous than the mind of Isaac Asimov...

"Who is to choose how to use science? Are we to leave the choice and our future in the hands of some elite? Or shall we participate in it?" —Isaac Asimov

From Star Wars to star gazing, from dating ancient artifacts to predicting the future of space travel, The Relativity Of Wrong takes you on a fascinating journey from the center of the human brain to the outer reaches of the universe. Sparkling with charm and the legendary Asimov wit, this remarkable collection of real-life wonders from the pen of the great explainer of our age is a delightful potpourri of chemical conundrums, galactic puzzles, and awesome astronomical anomalies—guaranteed to enthrall anyone who has even longed to comprehend the incomprehensible...

What is a white dwarf—and why is he hanging around is space?
How did a landlady and her Sunday pie lead to one of the most important chemical discoveries ever made?
If the gravitational pull of the moon can move oceans, does it also effect human beings?
How will interstellar space ships of the future be fueled?
Why would a human born at one of Uranus's poles be a middle-aged man at sunset?
How did the search for Planet X take scientists to the incredible Shrinking Planet?

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