Sword's Blessing

Kaitlin R. Branch

ISBN 9781616504946
Publish Date 1/6/2014
Format ePub
Categories Romance Fantasy, Lyrical Press
List Price: $1.99

Can she find the strength to love without fear?

Giselle and Armand were born within months of each other, died within minutes of each other, and ascended to be angels in the same moment. They have always been together, and will be for the rest of their existences. Or so Giselle thinks.

The two angels are sent on a mission to find a rogue damned and an in-betweener. But a run-in with another damned nearly kills Armand, and though he survives, his memory does not. Giselle’s faith in her station and her love are shaken to the foundations.

Giselle is faced with a terrible choice. Stay with the man who barely recognizes her, or have faith in the love they shared in days past?

CONTENT WARNING: Suggestion of molestation, threat of rape.

About Kaitlin R. Branch:

Kaitlin is from Omaha, NE, and attended Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN. She enjoys things such as running, dancing, writing, Patrick Stewart pontificating about the letter 'B', and going through a hair color change at least once a year. She is occasionally eaten by the internet, but always finds her way back into the real world. Sorta.

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