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The Prodigy

Noel Hynd

ISBN 157566240X
Publish Date 1/1/1998
Format Hardcover
Categories Kensington, Paranormal
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You can't keep me in the grave! I will always be with you...You will never escape the grandeur of my shadow..."

Rolf Geiger lives a charmed life. Handsome and charismatic, he has seen his awesome talents as a virtuoso pianist rewarded with worldwide fame, fabulous wealth, and passionate love from the beautiful woman he adores.

But Rolf is about to learn that genius has its price. Poised to embark on a stunning world tour that will earn him the reputation as the greatest concert pianist who ever lives, he slowly, savagely tormented by a vengeful spirit from beyond the grave. Soon, Rolf's days and nights will be filled with a paralyzing fear unlike and he has ever known, as he descends into a hell too terrifying to imaging...

At a dreary Manhattan funeral attended by a handful of people, the man who discovered Rolf as a young teenager is laid to rest. Gifted, irascible, and bitter to the very end, Isador Rabinowitz was the world famous maestro who turned his prized student's raw talent into polished mastery, and then, in a fit of jealous anger, turned against him. Now that Rabinowitz is dead, Rolf can finally be free of their stormy relationship...until he discovers that his journey with the great Rabinowitz has only just begun.

Days after the funeral, Rolf is haunted by terrifying dreams and waking nightmares. First, the keys of his Steinway come alive with the strains of his mentor's manic playing. Then he sees a bizarre old vagrant watching him obsessively from across the street. And finally, in the sanctuary of his music room, he meets the ghost that ruthlessly mocks him and fills him with agonizing self-doubt.

To silence the ghostly refrains, Rolf throws himself into a frenzy of playing. But the taunting, evil phantom will give the prodigy no peace. Suddenly, the gifted artist on the verge of glory is possessed by a cruel and insane brilliance that is eerily reminiscent of the maestro Rabinowitz. Now, as dark impulses rise up in him, Rolf will fight for his sanity, his humility and his very soul—locked in a horrific dance of death with the dark angel that is now commanding him to play the ultimate price for murder the woman he loves.

From the master storyteller Noel Hynd comes a novel of music, romance, and psychological suspense blended into a single, riveting tale. From the glory of an artist talents, to the sheer power of a madman's mind, here is a gripping story that is sophisticated, enthralling, and as vividly resonant as the notes that haunt every page.

Noel Hynd is the bestselling author of such highly acclaimed novels as Rage Of Spirits, Ghosts, A Room For The Dead, and Cemetery Of Angels. He has also written numerous screenplays and magazine articles.

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