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The Last Mountain Man #1

William W. Johnstone

ISBN 082175274X
Publish Date 3/1/1996
Format Paperback
Categories Last Mountain Man, Western
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Two Ride Together...

From his Missouri farm, the boy travels west. In his heart is vengeance. In his hands is a Navy Colt. By his side is an old mountain man named Preacher, who'll teach young Smoke Jensen everything he needs to know about fighting like the devil, and—when the time comes—dying like a man.

Now One Stands Alone...

Although his enemies have destroyed everything he's ever loved, they made one mistake.

They let Smoke Jensen live...

About William W. Johnstone:

William W. Johnstone is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of over 220 books, including The First Mountain Man; The Last Mountain Man; Maccallister; Eagles; Savage Texas; Matt Jensen, The Last Mountain Man; The Family Jensen; The Kerrigans: A Texas Dynasty, and the stand-alone thrillers Suicide Mission, The Bleeding Edge, Home Invasion, Stand Your Ground, Tyranny, and Black Friday. Visit his website at or by email at

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