The Right Wife

Beverly Barton

ISBN 9781601832795
Publish Date 6/5/2014
Format ePub
Categories E-Originals , E-only, Kensington Ebooks, Romance Historical
List Price: $2.99

In a sweeping and vibrant novel set in the post-war South, New York Times bestselling author Beverly Barton follows one young woman's journey to love and independence. . .

1885. All of Margaret Campbell's hopes for the future lie in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Since the death of her sharecropper father, eighteen-year-old Maggie has no resources and few allies, aside from the relatives who've agreed to take her in. With luck, she might yet make an upright gentleman of her brother, and a real lady of her rebellious little sister. And perhaps, once her siblings are settled, she'll find a decent, hardworking man to marry. But those plans are jeopardized the moment she meets Aaron Stone.

Effortlessly charming, Aaron is building an empire in the South. Maggie knows he wants the right kind of wife to overcome the shadows surrounding his birth--someone like the well-connected widow he's been courting. Someone a million miles from a penniless, outspoken sharecropper's daughter. But neither jealousy, family secrets, nor long-held prejudices will keep Maggie from following her heart. . .

About Beverly Barton:

Beverly Barton was an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of more than fifty novels, including Silent Killer, Cold Hearted, The Murder Game and Close Enough to Kill.

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THE RIGHT WIFE (Monday, July 21, 2014)
Reviewer: Patty McKenna Van Hulle

A titan hot temper heroine meets a rich hero with a self imposed mountain on his shoulder! Can the tigress demolish his mountain & capture his heart?

Since her sharecropper daddy died, Maggie Campbell, a feisty redhead with a temper to match, her half boy half man brother, Micah, & her hellion of a sister, Judith, are on their way to Tuscumbia to live with her deceased mom's brother & his family. She promised her dad on his death bed, that she would see to Micah getting an education & turning her sister into a lady. Living with Uncle Chester will be hard because his wife is very religious & her son Cousin Wesley is a pristine & proper minister. Plus with Micah's stubbornness, Judith's mouth & her temper, it will be a trail on her last nerve. All aboard the train to their new life, but this grumpy man thinks their Daisy stole his watch & is manhandling them all, but all Campbell stick together!

Aaron Stone is a rich man with a huge chip on his shoulder, about being born out of wedlock. He will marry a woman who can move him up in society & he has decided that widowed Eunice Arnold is the right ticket. Aaron is on his home to ask Eunice to marry him & lift this dark stain of his birth.

On his way back to Tuscumbia, he sees a young titan tigress kick a man in the shin, her younger brother jump on his back & a mini hellion biting this man hand, all because they are trying to protect a young black woman. Maggie tries to settle this lying man, but her temper snaps & everyone joined in, but this huge, golden hair god offers to help. Aaron introduces myself & offers his help, but this ragamuffin has the nerve to refuses him. Maggie doesn't need this man messing up her plans, but Judith opens her mouth & off to the races she goes, with question after question. They go their way, he goes to his BF Thayer Coleman's private car & never will they see one another. Until the train stops & Judith falls out her window, while she hangs out to grab the fried chicken box from Aaron & fells into his arms.

Once they arrive at Tuscumbia, Cousin Wesley, a man who really enjoys his food, comes to collect them, Judith runs to thank Aaron, sees handsome Thayer, falls deeply in love, Maggie chases her down, a mad man shoots Aaron, falls into Maggie's arms bleeding, Cousin Wesley is moaning about what his mama going to say & Judith is just staring up into her future hubby's eyes. So as y'all can see Tuscumbia will never be the same! With the electric sensual vibe going from Maggie to Aaron, they light the Southern states on fire! Now we have a stubborn hero who thinks he has to marry up, creepy Cousin Wesley everywhere, Maggie just trying to do right for her family, Thayer using jealous to kick Aaron into action, widow Eunice goody two shoes, in love Judith, lots of stolen moments of kisses, caresses galore, clothes flying & since it's the south, misplaced racism & anger to stir up this pot of decadent desire & spicy passions! When will Aaron see that Maggie is his other half? Can Maggie love Aaron enough to walk away? Will she marry the food loving Cousin Wesley or just bake him a pie? When Eunice sees her competition, how will she make Maggie's life miserable? But most importantly, how will Judith get her Thayer in 10 or so years?

This is my 1st Beverly Barton romance & she can write a ROFL & passions flying tale with a cast of kooky, quirky & deeply passionate & loving Southern folks. Maggie is a heroine given an impossible mission, but she does everything with 110% of her heart, soul & head. Aaron is a hero with a self imposed mountain on his shoulder, but his relationship with Maggie showed him that love can & will, if you accept it, explode his mountain away. Young Judith is my favorite member of this crazy cast, with her never ending questions, her never quiet brain & her deeply insane love of Thayer. I would love to read her story of snatching up Thayer, because there is not a doubt in my mind she will. America's Civil War ripped families & states apart, but devastated our country's heart & soul. Ms. Barton wrote all the dirty & ugly aftermath into this story, but did with her whole heart. The passions between Maggie & Aaron rocked this story, singed my Kindle & could light Alabama cotton fields on fire. I give Ms. Barton my top score of 5 fingers up & 10 toes.

NetGalley ARC given for my honest review.

The Right Wife by Beverly Barton (Saturday, June 28, 2014)
Reviewer: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and more

THE RIGHT WIFE by Beverly Barton is an exciting Historical Romance set in Post- War South in 1885. Fast paced, tale of family love, seduction and finding love. You can't help but love Maggie and her siblings. Margaret Campbell and her younger brother and sister are orphaned, leaving everything they know behind and moving to Tuscumbia, Alabama, with their aunt and uncle meet the seductive, handsome, Aaron Stone, what follows is an epic tale of a eighteen year old and life in post-war Alabama.

Family secrets, prejudices, long held friendships, injustices, jealousy, seduction, independence, and love find its way into the hearts of the citizens of Tuscumbia. Fast paced tale that will have you turning pages and grasping at straws as you hold your breath for Maggie and Aaron. Oh, you can't help but fall in love with little Jude, Maggie's ten-year old sister, who believes she is in love with an older man. And Daisy, who is sexual assaulted by someone with many prejudices including females. An enjoyable read and one that has many twists and turns. Be warned, some readers may find some of the wording offensive. Received for an honest review from the publisher and Net Galley.

Rating: 4

Heat Rating: Hot

Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

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