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Echoes Of My Soul

Robert K. Tanenbaum

ISBN 9780786034932
Publish Date 5/27/2014
Format Paperback
Categories True Crime, Pinnacle
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"Stunning, riveting." --Linda Fairstein

"Tanenbaum knows this territory better than anyone." –Linda Fairstein

It was a muggy summer day when Janice Wylie and Emily Hoffert were murdered in their apartment on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Months passed before police arrested George Whitmore, Jr., and he confessed to the crime. But his incarceration would entail a host of shocking law enforcement missteps and cover-ups. In this first insider's account, New York Times bestselling author Robert K. Tanenbaum delivers a page-turning real-life thriller about this historic case--from the brutal crime to the wrenching conviction, which forever reformed the American justice system.

"A true crime classic, brilliantly written and unfailingly riveting." --Vincent Bugliosi

"Thrilling and insightful." –Publishers Weekly

"A nonfiction murder mystery, an intriguing saga." --Kirkus Reviews

With 16 Pages Of Dramatic Photos

About Robert K. Tanenbaum :

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New York Times bestselling author Robert K. Tanenbaum is a nationally known attorney and legal expert. He is one of the country’s most respected trial lawyers and has never lost a felony case.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tanenbaum attended the University of California at Berkeley on a basketball scholarship. He received his law degree from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. At the outset of his distinguished career, he was an Assistant D.A. in New York County, where he ran the Homicide Bureau, served as Chief of the Criminal Courts, and was in charge of the D.A.’s legal staff training program. Mel Glass, John Keenan, and D.A. Frank Hogan were his esteemed mentors, and Echoes of My Soul is a tribute to them, written at the request of Mel Glass with his active involvement.

Tanenbaum was appointed Deputy Chief Counsel for the Congressional committee investigations into the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  For four years he taught Advanced Criminal Procedure at his alma mater, Boalt Hall School of Law. He served two terms as Mayor of Beverly Hills. A popular media guest, he regularly appears on television shows as a legal commentator. He is the author of 24 novels and three non-fiction books, including The Piano Teacher: The True Story of a Psychotic Killer and Badge of the Assassin. His latest novel is Bad Faith.

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