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Shatter: Phoenix Rising

Joan Swan

ISBN 9780758288271
Publish Date 12/31/2013
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Brava, Suspense
List Price: $9.95

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"Swan's gutsy, jaw-dropping style will have readers talking!" --New York Times bestselling author Larissa Ione

"Joan Swan writes riveting twists and turns like no one else!"--New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Tyler

For seven years, Halina Beloi has been in hiding. But she's never forgotten Mitch Foster, the long, lean man she had to leave behind. Until, that is, Mitch shows up with a list of questions and a 9mm in his hand.

All Mitch knows is that Halina broke his heart and disappeared. But new information has surfaced implicating her as a player in the deadliest game of Mitch's life. This time, he's not letting go without answers. Now terror, danger and heat will fuse them together or shatter the future. . .

About Joan Swan:

Joan Swan is a triple RWA® Golden Heart finalist and writes sexy romantic suspense with a paranormal twist. Currently, she works as a sonographer at a one of the top ten medical facilities in the nation, and lives in magnificent wine country on the central coast of California with her husband and two daughters.

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Great read and series. (Monday, May 26, 2014)
Reviewer: Toni

Hmmmm. I’ve either having preemptive withdrawals or some major denial going on. Just finished reading Shatter and I feel shattered.

For the last few years, Mitch has been a part of the group, but yet also apart from the group. The Phoenix Rising series initially focused on a Hazmat team; firefighters that were injured in a huge hazmat explosion. Mitch is the twin brother of the first heroine in the series, Alyssa. He has no special skills or abilities other than being a great big arrogant pain in the butt that has the connections to keep his new family secure and safe. He is always great for comic relief and a complete trouble maker. He is a known womanizer and a brilliant attorney and in his own way the backbone of this whole group.

Halina was introduced to us towards the end of book three, Rush. From the moment Mitch sees her face, you knew that his story was going to be a wild ride. Mitch was always the calm, collective one in the group; keeping his head straight and on track. One look of Halina and his world begins to crumble around him and Shatter is his story.

He never thought he would see her again, but he has found her and he is going to make her explain how she is involved in the circumstances that are continually putting his family in danger and why she lied to him. Their interactions are heated and passionate. But they also hold a hopelessness that grabs you deep in your soul. As you watch his discovery of why she left him, you hurt for him and also share in his joy. It’s simply divine.

Ms. Swan wrote an amazing tale that may or may not have wrapped up this series. I honestly have no idea if it is the ending or not and that bugs me. Even though the plot behind what happened to the group is answered and justice is served, I am left wanting more. Seth was totally dropped. He was on a mission that ended abruptly with no mention of him and then there is Kai. Kai is a man with a mysterious aura and has many issues that are just under the surface. Does his story get told? Even though these potentially great characters seem to have been forgotten; from the first book to this last book it has been an amazing and wondrous read.

Ms. Swan has fashioned an amazing world filled with characters that are very engaging and real with a plot that is intricate and yet simple to follow. My only problem is the few unanswered questions, but all in all this is one top notch series that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Well written with heart, passion and soul.

Shatter (Sunday, November 24, 2013)
Reviewer: The Jeep Diva

I’ve been impatiently waiting for this book since the moment Mitch Foster stomped his way onto the pages of Fever. Joan Swan created a character that I wanted to read more of when she penned him. He was a secondary character that I looked so forward to reading. Mitch finally getting his own happily ever after was a happy day for me. His heroine being worthy of him is just an added bonus to this must read book.
Rekindles are typically one of my least favorite type of romances. I always think why get back with the person you left for obvious reasons. Halina and Mitch had a once in a lifetime amazing ten month relationship seven years ago. She devastated him by introducing him to her husband. Mitch has been trying unsuccessfully to fill that void since. Once they are back together it is so easy to see why the void was impossible to fill. They don’t have an easy path to happily ever after. The whole group is still fighting Schaeffer and dealing with the repercussions of the exposure to the chemical. Halina is having a difficult time with her role in the chemical development. It is definitely an exciting read.
I loved the new character that was introduced with Dex. He fit in so perfectly with the group that readers know and love. He is just as much a fighter and loyal friend as the rest of them. I was pleased to see the past couples and the other team mates. Their camaraderie and love for one another is always felt not just words on paper. That is one of the many things I love about this series.
My only disappointment is that Mitch felt a little different in this installment of the Phoenix Rising series. In the previous books he has been full of snark and smart assiedness. While he still had some of those qualities they were not as often. His character was immersed in his anger towards Halina in the beginning. Then he was all about his love and keeping Halina. There is no appropriate place for his witty snark in keeping his gal close. There is also a nicely bundled closing with Shatter. This leaves me to wonder if this could be the last of the series.

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