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Pee-Shy: A Memoir

Frank Spinelli

ISBN 9780758291325
Publish Date 12/31/2013
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Kensington, Biography, Self Help, Memoirs
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In his stunningly honest and poignant memoir, Frank Spinelli recounts a childhood marked by trauma and of finding the courage that ultimately transformed his life…

Frank Spinelli grew up on Staten Island in the 1970s to Italian-born parents who viewed cops and priests as second only to the Pope in infallibility. His mother, concerned that her son was being bullied at school for being “different,” signed Frank up for Boy Scouts when he turned eleven. For the next two years, Frank’s life had two realities—one lived in full view of his family, and the other a secret he shared with his Scoutmaster that he couldn’t confess to anybody.

Eventually Frank went to college, established a thriving medical practice, and found a home in Manhattan. But the emotional and physical effects of his past continued to shadow every aspect of his life. Then a shocking discovery gave Frank the opportunity to overturn thirty years of confusion and self-blame—for himself, and for other boys like him.

Pee-Shy is a remarkable story of overcoming the unimaginable to choose resilience over darkness, and love over loss.

“A devastatingly heartbreaking look at life after childhood abuse, with wit and piercing insight that can only come from a place of brutal honesty.” —Josh Kilmer-Purcell

“This is a memoir about a grown-up boy’s generous—and healing—heart.”—Kevin Sessums

“This is one of those horrific, true stories that Dr. Spinelli so courageously reveals. With raw honesty he makes us understand that monsters do exist and a child's innocence is precious. His story is one of too many, but maybe, this one will help open our eyes a little more and shine a light on a taboo subject that many chose not to see or believe.” —Whoopi Goldberg

About Frank Spinelli :

Frank Spinelli is a licensed and board certified internist in Manhattan. He is an Associate Clinical Professor at New York Medical College and a fellow of the American College of Physicians. Dr. Spinelli is the author of The Advocate Guide to Gay Men’s Health and Wellness and appears regularly on Sirius Radio’s Morning Jolt. Currently, Dr. Spinelli hosts Dueling Doctors on Veria Living TV.

The author will donate a portion of his earnings from this book to GMHC. Learn what you can do to help at

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Pee-Shy is a triumph of the Human Spirit (Thursday, January 2, 2014)
Reviewer: James Sullivan

I have contacted other papers, but you have a definite winner. Frank Spinelli has written a book that is honest and painful to confront. He not only has helped hundreds infected with serious disease, but now has taken on a disease no one dared to approach, child abuse. His honesty and style is refreshing about an issue that has plagued society for too long. My formal review will show up in another paper. Kensigton , publishers you broke down the wall to inform educators and parents. Thank you for this story of courage and triumph.

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