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The Mountain Between Us

Cindy Myers

ISBN 9780758277428
Publish Date 10/29/2013
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Kensington, General, Women's Fiction
List Price: $15.00

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From acclaimed author Cindy Myers comes a big-hearted story of pulling together, facing life's challenges--and knowing what it means to really come home…

Cut off from the outside world by a blanket of snow, the holidays are usually a time for peace and quiet in tiny Eureka, Colorado. But this year the mountain town is in trouble. Thanks to a corrupt investor, the treasury is bankrupt, leaving residents to struggle through an especially harsh winter. Then there are those with more personal problems, like Maggie Stevens, pregnant and torn between single motherhood or drawing the father-to-be into a life he's not cut out for. And Olivia Theriot, the mayor's prodigal daughter, is harboring a secret so painful she may never be able to settle down. But mother nature is about to put things in perspective…

When a blizzard blows through just days before Christmas, some are left stranded--and others missing. Now there's only one thing on Eureka's wish list: to live up to its name, and its reputation for coming together, and find a way to bring everyone back home--where they belong.

Praise for The View From Here

"Cindy Myers strikes gold with this warm-hearted novel about friendship, family, and second chances." --Deborah Smith, New York Times bestselling author

"I loved this novel!  It shines like a jewel…like solid gold." --Pamela Morsi, USA Today bestselling author

"This novel is definitely one to add to your keeper shelf."   ‑‑RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 Stars


1. Both old and new traditions play a part in this story. What are your favorite holiday traditions? What traditions would you like to do without?

2. Is Maggie justified in turning down Jameso’s first proposal?

3. Lucille blames herself for the town losing money. Is she right to take the blame?

4. Olivia sees the townspeople’s interest in her as intrusion rather than caring. Where is the line between the two?

5. Would you have forgiven D. J. sooner? Why or why not?

6. After Gerald swindles them, the town seeks revenge by selling him shares in a mine. Do the ends justify the means?

7. What’s the difference between running away from problems and going someplace new to make a fresh start?

8. Is something like love worth more when you have to work for it?

9. How does the theme of redemption play out in each of the character’s lives?

10. With which character do you identify the most? Why?

About Cindy Myers:

Cindy Myers worked as a newspaper reporter, travel agent, and medical clinic manager before turning to writing full time. She’s written both historical and contemporary romance, as well as dozens of short stories and nonfiction articles. Former president of San Antonio Romance Authors, Cindy is a member of Romance Writers of America, Novelists Inc., and Rocky Mountain Fiction writers. She is in demand as a speaker, teaching workshops and making presentations to both local and national writing groups. She and her husband and their two dogs live in the mountains southwest of Denver.

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Mountain between us (Tuesday, October 29, 2013)
Reviewer: jbarr5

The Mountain Between Us by Cindy Myers
I was excited to be picked to read this book because I have read the other two related stories and love the locale and the characters.
This is the continuing story about Maggie and she was only going to stay a week to settle her father's possessions after he died but she ended up staying. Now she is in love with Jameco Clark who's back from the war and runs the local saloon/ski instructor in season and rides a motorcycle.
Maggie Stevens is terrified to tell him about the baby she is carrying, it is his but she's almost 40 and feels it's too late to start a family.
The story also follows Bob and Olivia both think the upcoming winter will be a bad one...
The book also follows Lucas, Olivia's son likes to do things with DJ and Olivia likes DJ but doesn't want him to know.
Another character is Cassie who runs the library and the annual Founder's Day pageant the telling of the town's history and she wants shelves for the library.
And a section also for Lucille the mayor who also runs the local antique shop says they may not even have money for snow plowing...
And Gerald is new in town and talks the town council into investing their money... All these things will make the story complete once things work out...
Love all the Halloween things going around in town. Love hearing of the mine and all the other secrets that come out over time and how the community comes together...
Christmas events are just awesome, so caring and warm the feels leaves me with. Love that this book is happening at the same time as The Room at the Inn by the same author.
I received this book from Net Galley via The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

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