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Murder In Thrall: An Acton and Doyle Scotland Yard Mystery

Anne Cleeland

ISBN 9780758287915
Publish Date 7/30/2013
Format Hardcover
Categories Historical, Kensington
List Price: $24.00

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From Anne Cleeland comes the first in a captivating new mystery series, following the perilous exploits of two Scotland Yard detectives as they track down London's most elusive killer. . .

First-year detective Kathleen Doyle and Chief Inspector Michael Sinclair, Lord Acton, are a most unlikely pair. An Irish redhead of humble beginnings and modest means, Doyle is the antithesis of Acton, the British lord who has established himself as a brilliant but enigmatic figure with a knack for solving London's most high profile homicides. But Acton senses something exceptional beneath Doyle's awkward naiveté and taps her to help him with his investigations. And her spot-on intuition is just what he needs to solve a chilling string of murders. . .

When a horse trainer is found dead at a racetrack, Doyle and Acton begin interviewing witnesses and the victim's associates, but the killer continues to strike and they're left with more questions than answers. Their investigation is further muddled by their colleagues at CID Headquarters, whose career-driven jealousies and workplace blunders could jeopardize the case--and their nosing into the nature of Doyle and Acton's after hours relationship could lay bare the most classified information of all. . .

Perhaps the trainer was the target of a jilted lover on a killing spree. Or maybe the victims were collateral damage in a political coup gone awry. As the murders pile up, Doyle and Acton uncover something far more sadistic than they could have imagined, and now that they know too much, they'll find themselves squarely in the crosshairs of a cold-blooded killer. . .

About Anne Cleeland:

Anne Cleeland holds a degree in English from UCLA as well as a law degree from Pepperdine University. She worked as a research attorney for federal and state court judges, a legal writer in private practice, and a guest lecturer at several universities. She is currently at work on her next Acton and Doyle Scotland Yard mystery. She lives in California and has four children.

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Section Seven (Saturday, February 8, 2014)
Reviewer: Kathy Jund

Murder in Thrall is first in the series of author Anne Cleeland’s New Scotland Yard mysteries! This story held me captive from beginning to end!

First year Detective Constable Kathleen Doyle, all the envy of her fellow first year detectives is partnered up by mysterious request with the seasoned and highly reputed Chief Inspector Michael Sinclair, member of the aristocracy, a Baron in his own right; also known as Lord Acton. This coveted duo has solved many a case in the three months they have been partners, almost as if there is an “other-worldly” connection between the two. Doyle herself is noted among her peers as exceptional on reading witnesses and suspects, slight of stature she is one red-headed Irish girl from Dublin who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, but then apologizing for it afterwards. Especially to her illustrious boss. While Acton’s abilities and impressive arrest record which speaks for itself does draw the attention of all concerned when he decides to take Doyle under his wing; none have the where-with-all to comment about it to his face including Doyle’s Supervisor Inspector Habib. But is there an ulterior motive under foot? At thirty-eight years old Acton has traditionally worked alone and not mixed often with those whom he works; although a rumor is bantered about of a personal alliance with Fiona from Forensics. Acton, (whose nick name is Holmes, breathed quiet tones behind his back) and Doyle are called upon to investigate a puzzling murder at a local race track; little do they know how personal their investigation will become. Surging with action to keep your heart racing like too much of Doyle’s super charged lattes she is so addictively fond of but also containing romantic undertones that skirt the edges of obsession! I loved this book! I cannot wait for book two to be released in August 2014!!

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