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How To Be A Scottish Mistress

Adrienne Basso

ISBN 9781420129021
Publish Date 7/2/2013
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra, Historical, Romance
List Price: $7.99

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She's his in every way. . .

When newly widowed Lady Fiona Libourg flees to Scotland in need of protection, Lord Gavin McLendon is powerless to refuse the British beauty. Especially when she offers herself in exchange. Now the brooding Scottish warrior can think of nothing else but ravishing his delectable new mistress, even though he's dutybound to marry another. . .

But one. . .

Fiona is shocked when Gavin accepts her scandalous offer--and fretful at the thought that he will discover how little she knows of seduction. But when Gavin proves to be a skilled and achingly sensuous teacher, Fiona doesn't want their passionate arrangement to end. Now she can't help but wonder just what it would take to go from Scottish mistress. . .to Scottish wife.

Praise for the novels of Adrienne Basso

"Basso has a gift for creating stories tinged with simmering passion and poignancy." --Romantic Times on How to Enjoy a Scandal

"Basso expertly combines subtly nuanced characters with an impeccably crafted Regency setting and a revenge-fueled plot deftly laced with danger and desire." --Booklist on A Little Bit Sinful

About Adrienne Basso:

Between stints as a corporate financial analyst, marketing consultant and public librarian, Adrienne Basso has parlayed her vivid imagination and desire to tell romantic stories into a twenty-four-year writing career. She has published contemporary, Regency, Victorian, vampire, and Scottish medieval romance novels. She enjoys the challenge of creating stories that emphasize the everlasting power of love and is truly delighted that her characters always achieve the fantasy of living happily ever after. A native New Yorker, Adrienne, her husband, and their incomparable dog now live in New Jersey. Visit Adrienne at or on the social media platform below. Facebook

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HOW TO BE A SCOTTISH MISTRESS (Tuesday, July 23, 2013)
Reviewer: AprilR,My Book Addiction and More

HOW TO BE A SCOTTISH MISTRESS by Adrienne Basso is an exciting Medieval Historical Romance set in 1306-1307 Northern England and Scotland. Join Lady Firona Libougy, a young widow, who is loyal,smart,brave, which she shows time and again and Lord Gavin McLendon, a loyal "Bruce" follower on a journey of danger and finding love. A fast paced story from beginning to end. One you don't want to miss. Filled with tragedy,treason,passion,betrayal, clan wars, the fight for Scotland,and the power of true love. A powerful story that takes place during turmoil and treacherous times in England and Scotland's history. A must read for any historical readers who loves Sexy, Scottish men, and feisty,determined Ladies. Ms. Basso is a powerful and wonderful storyteller,who shows her research of Scotland and England through her stories. I would highly recommend "How To Be a Scottish Mistress",not just for its powerful storyline, but for its charismatic characters. Loved it! I can hardly wait to see what this talented author has for her readers next. Received for an honest review from the publisher.
REVIEWED BY: AprilR, Review courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

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