Wild Pitches

Dirk Hayhurst

ISBN 9780806536408
Publish Date 1/29/2013
Format ePub
Categories Biography , Sports , Kensington Ebooks, E-only, E-Shortz
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“Dirk Hayhurst has done it again…Turns out he’s a starter and a closer.”—Tim Kurkjian, ESPN

As a major and not-so-major league pitcher, Dirk Hayhurst has learned to master more than striking out batters. While waiting for his name to be called in the bullpen, he honed his gifts as a storyteller, one the New York Times calls the “best writer in a baseball uniform.” In this often hilarious collection of adventures on and off the diamond, Dirk details the intricacies of pulling off an epic team prank, even if it’s at his own expense; the art of creating the perfect professional baseball nickname; his comically ineffective attempts at writing romance novels; and the bizarre tale in which a bear gets punched in the face (yes, really). No matter how wild his story, Dirk proves once again he knows that it’s all in the delivery.

“I find his writing both entertaining and thought provoking...unlike his fastball.”—Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay Rays All-Star

 “Dirk Hayhurst writes about baseball in a unique way. Observant, insightful, human, and hilarious.” —Bob Costas

“Hayhurst delivers an entertaining story for more than just sports fans.”—Jordan Bastian, MLB.com

 “Hayhurst explains life in the minors and the major leagues like you've never read it before.”—J. J. Cooper, Baseball America

“Insight and humor from the pitcher’s mound.”—Businessweek

About Dirk Hayhurst:

Dirk Hayhurst is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Bullpen Gospels. Drafted from Kent State University in 2003 as a senior sign, Hayhurst has pitched professionally for nine years on more than eight minor league teams and two major league teams, including the San Diego Padres and the Toronto Blue Jays. In 2011, he signed with the Tampa Bay Rays and pitched for their Triple-A team, the Durham Bulls, in Durham, NC. Hayhurst was born in Canton, Ohio, and resides in the off-season in Hudson, Ohio, with his wife Bonnie, a music therapist.

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