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De'nesha Diamond, Erick S. Gray, Nichelle Walker

ISBN 9780758271457
Publish Date 6/4/2013
Format Paperback
Categories Fiction, Dafina
List Price: $6.99

“Hot juicy sex scenes mixed with a hint of some serious drama….” —The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Street lit’s hottest stars bring you three sizzling women out to rule the game by any means necessary…

Slippin’ De’nesha Diamond
Ex-con Delvon Jackson lives to hustle—and loves to go after what he can’t have. Working for a powerful Atlanta tycoon has put him deep between the satin sheets of his boss’ way-off-limits wife. But when Delvon gets too greedy, his hottest seduction might be his last…

Put ’Em in Their Place Erick S. Gray
Sexy Cha has everyone from New York’s most ruthless thug to its richest player at her mercy. And now that she’s sexing her father’s murderer and throwing his empire into turmoil, she’s moving in for the final payback…and straight into someone else’s lethal sights…

Kandy Girlz  Nichelle Walker
Kandy learned the hard way that power and money is never enough. By trickin’ ballers, rappers, and powerful executives, the ice-cold beauty took her modeling agency to the top. But now the one hustle Kandy’s not prepared for will give her everything to lose…

 “One of the best anthologies that I have read in a very long time….Intrigue, hot sex scenes, and excellent word play.” —Urban Reviews

About De'nesha Diamond:

National bestselling author De’nesha Diamond burst onto the scene as the co-author of the gritty Desperate Hoodwives tales. The Essence magazine recommended series has taken the street-lit game by storm and paved a brand new path for the edgy Memphis native. Understanding that there is a fine line between glorifying thug life and telling it like it is, De’nesha Diamond spins cautionary tales inspired by personal experience and the heartbreaking stories that make our nightly news. In the end, she aims to deliver hope, even if sometimes there are no rides in the golden sunset.

About Erick S. Gray:

Erick S. Gray is the Essence® bestselling author of the popular urban sex-comedy Bootycall *69, and is well-known for stories that keep readers glued to the page. He collaborated with Mark Anthony, Anthony Whyte, and others for the short story collections Streets of New York, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, and also contributed a story to Flexin & Sexin. His novels include Ghetto Heaven; Money, Power, Respect; Nasty Girls; It’s Like Candy; Crave All Lose All; and Love & a Gangsta. Erick was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens.

About Nichelle Walker:

Nichelle Walker hails from the fabulous city of Chicago, Illinois. Nichelle discovered her love for writing during her high school years. While on a three-week break from college and unhappy with losing touch with her creative passion, Nichelle wrote Doing His Time, which she released under her publishing company, NWHoodTales Publishing. 

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