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Reality Check: Charly's Epic Fiascos Vol. 2

Kelli London

ISBN 9780758286970
Publish Date 2/26/2013
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Young Adult, KTeen Dafina
List Price: $9.95

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Charly St. James knows drama. Her home life—wretched. Her trip from Chicago to New York—disastrous. But she’s about to put all that behind her. . . .

Charly’s been waiting forever to put her acting skills to work, and now she’s been cast on the reality show The Extreme Dream Team. In each episode, the show makes over some lucky person's life. Charly's feeling pretty lucky already—she's to play the sidekick to kind-hearted Annison, a former child star; gets to work with Liam, a delicious cutie who performs double duty as male co-star and eye candy; and Mason is finally her boyfriend for real. Then Annison gets sick and Charly has to step up. Suddenly she's TV's fave new It-girl and she’s on fire. But behind the scenes, someone is set on changing Charly’s life—and not for the better...

“Kelli’s stories are edgy and addictive. You won’t want the story to end.” —RM Johnson, author of Stacie & Cole

Praise For Kelli London

“An amazing tale that is sure to delight, teach, and intrigue teens everywhere!” —Ni-Ni Simone on Boyfriend Season

“Kelli reinvents the urban heroine—she’s cuter, smarter, fearless. Excellent read.” —Travis Hunter, author of On the Come Up

Discussion Questions

1. Sometimes a girl has to do what she has to do! Charly had to fight for what she wanted—she risked getting in trouble with her dad, who was against her acting until school was out; she snuck into the studio to fake-it-to-hopefully-make-it and revealed the real Annison. Do you see anything wrong with how Charly handled getting what she wanted? Do you think there were other ways she could’ve gone about it? How would you have handled it?

2. Discuss a time when you wanted something as badly as Charly. What did you do and what was the outcome?

3. Charly believed that life is what you make it, and she never backed down or let anything deter her, not even Stormy’s situation. How do you handle life’s disappointments and obstacles?

4. Boys can be trouble, but they can also be good. Mason seemed like a bad guy and Liam seemed good. Do you think that Mason was really bad and out to hurt Charly? Or was he a victim of the circumstances that came with Charly’s stardom? Do you think that Liam was really the good guy or too good to be true?

5. In Reality Check we saw that family, whether biological or chosen, is very important. Charly had Lola, Smax, Bathsheba, Dr. Deveraux El and the rest of Smax’s crew, and her life wouldn’t have been what it was without them. How important is family to you? Where would you be without them?

6. Charly’s dad seemed very rigid and didn’t appear to be a supporter of her dreams. Do you think that was really the case or was he just concerned about her education and well-being?

7. When a teen doesn’t listen to their parents, they can be labeled a problem child. Do you think Charly was a problem child because she didn’t listen to her father in the beginning of the book and went after her dream without his permission? Is there another way she could’ve handled it, even after she knew she couldn’t talk him into it?

8. Almost every teenage girl has some sort of problem with a parent. And Charly’s mother didn’t fit the definition of mother at all. However, a mother and daughter relationship is sometimes very important to a girl’s life and self-view. Do you think there’s a way for Charly to mend her relationship with her mother? Should she?

9. Charly wanted stardom. Stormy wanted education. What do you want?

About Kelli London:

Kelli London, aka Kells, has been writing since she was six years old. She’s pro anything that uplifts girls (ok, boys too), is a mentor for A Dream Inc. (a non-profit organization for teens), and creator of Kelli Girls’ Pearls—gems for a girl to live by: Positive Affirmations & Daily Quotes. She lives in The Moment, is a social butterfly (social networking and newsletter butterfly too), has a passion for education, reading, writing, running, chocolate, life and, of course, her readers.

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