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Desire The Night

Amanda Ashley

ISBN 9781420121346
Publish Date 8/28/2012
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra, Suspense
List Price: $7.99

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A Vampire In Chains

Held captive in a basement prison, wrapped in silver chains, the vampire Gideon is too weak to fight the monster who enslaves him. For years, she’s tapped his precious blood like a fountain of youth—sustaining him with human females she captures for his pleasure. But with the latest victim she brings him, he senses something intriguingly different. Something dangerous, yet oh so tempting.

Kay Alissano is no ordinary woman. Every full moon, she must answer the call of the wild—unleashing the wolf within. As daughter of the Shadow Pack’s Alpha, Kay is extremely powerful—and when she’s offered up to Gideon, she doesn’t surrender easily. In wolf form, she might be able to unchain Gideon’s heart and set them both free—if only he can resist the urge to consume her, body and soul, before the next full moon…

“Ashley is a master storyteller.” —Romantic Times

“A classic vampire tale of sensual, spine-tingling suspense.” —Christine Feehan on Desire After Dark

“A master of her craft.” —Maggie Shayne


Gideon Marquet stared into the darkness, his limbs aching from the weight of the heavy silver chains that shackled his ankles to the thick cement wall behind him. His body felt like it was burning from the inside out, causing his veins to shrink, while his skin grew painfully tight with the need for sustenance.

So long since he had fed.

So long since his thirst had been satisfied.

His eyes narrowed as a tall woman appeared in the base­ment. Clad in a shimmering white robe trimmed in white fur, she looked like an angel when, in truth, she was anything but.

The hem of her velvet robe made a soft, swishing noise as she drew closer, then knelt outside the cell. Verah.

Gideon groaned inwardly as she picked up the slender, silver­bladed dagger that rested beside a golden jewel­encrusted goblet on a low wooden table. His body tensed as she began to chant, her voice soft, almost hypnotic. He winced as she reached between the bars and dragged the blade across his right thigh. Lifting the goblet, she held it under the wound to collect the dark red blood that leaked from the long, shal­low gash. When the goblet was half­full, she made a similar cut in his left thigh, chanting all the while. When the cup was full, she left the cellar.

She returned a short time later.

Gideon sat up a little straighter, his fangs extending as the cell door opened and a woman clad in a wrinkled brown dress was pushed inside. She fell to the floor, crying out as she scraped her knees on the cold cement. His hands clenched as the warm, sweet coppery scent of her blood filled his nostrils.

Blind with panic, the woman scrambled to her feet and ran to the iron­barred door.

“Please!” she cried, her hands fisting around the bars. “Let me out! Please, oh, please, let me out of here!”

But her frantic plea fell on deaf ears.

His prey sobbed hysterically as Verah turned and left the basement. With her only hope gone, the woman darted to a far corner of the cell, her back pressed against the bars, her arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Tears flooded her cheeks as she murmured, “Please, don’t.” But all he heard was the frantic beating of her heart, the whisper­soft sound of the blood flowing through her veins.

“Please.” She fell to her knees, hands raised in supplication.

But that wouldn’t save her.

Nothing could save her now.

It was feeding time.

About Amanda Ashley:

Amanda Ashley is one of those rare birds—a California native. She's lived in Southern California her whole life and, except for the earthquakes, she loves it. She shares a home with her husband, as well as an adorable Pomeranian named Lady, a wild house sparrow named Tweety, and a tortoise who remains nameless. Amanda and her alter ego, Madeline, have written 60 books. Not bad for someone who started writing just for the fun of it. Her books have made the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. You can get a sneak peek at her next book on her website

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Addictive (Friday, November 30, 2012)
Reviewer: Jennifer Crump

Desire The Night is another great story from Amanda Ashley. This story draws you in from the beginning. Gideon Marquet is a vampire that has been captured for the soul purpose of providing blood. The unscrupulous witch Vera is using Gideon’s blood to keep herself young and beautiful. Many a person has been destroyed by Gideon due to starvation. Vera keeps him at the brink of starvation to keep him secure. Kiya Alissano is a shifter working at a veterinarian’s as an assistant. She has the talent to calm animals. She is the daughter of a very possessive father who surprisingly allowed her to be amongst humans and be away from the family. Kiya is captured by Vera and is used to feed Gideon. Something changes for him when he sees Kiya. He is drawn to her by more than the blood running through her veins. This book keeps you enthralled throughout the entire 346 pages. You wont be surprised when you finish it in one sitting. Great story and am looking forward to more by Amanda Ashley.

Desire knows no bounds! (Thursday, September 6, 2012)
Reviewer: Kathy Jund

Amanda Ashley has pulled from all the corners of her imagination to bring readers Desire the Night the latest release in her paranormal romance series, filled with vampires, witches, werewolves and of course romance. Gideon Marquet, a vampire held prisoner by an unscrupulous witch named Vera as a source for her own means, rues the so long ago night he fell captive to her enchantment. Gideon’s existence is one of constant agony by both the bonds that hold him and the unmerciful actions he must resort to for his survival. Kiya Alissano, working as a veterinarian’s assistant also holds magic powers of her own, more than just the “gift” of being able to calm her patients at the clinic, either. Kiya, (known as Kay to her friends who are few a far between thanks to her father), is the daughter of a very possessive Clan Leader, who Kay still can’t believe has been persuaded to allow her time away from their family compound to pursue the wish to live among humans. Unbeknownst to Kiya, her thirst for adventure in all things human may prove to be her downfall and bring her even closer to the thirst of one who is not all human. You will be surprised how fast the pages turn, once you pick it up you will not want to put it down!

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