Don't Let Me Go

J.H. Trumble

ISBN 9780758278005
Publish Date 12/27/2011
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Gay/Lesbian
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Don’t Let Me Go by J.H. Trumble was named a finalist in the “Gay Romance” category of the Lambda Literary Awards!

Some people spend their whole lives looking for the right partner. Nate Schaper found his in high school. In the eight months since their cautious flirting became a real, heart-pounding, tell-the-parents relationship, Nate and Adam have been inseparable. Even when local kids take their homophobia to brutal levels, Nate is undaunted. He and Adam are rock solid. Two parts of a whole. Yin and yang.

But when Adam graduates and takes an off-Broadway job in New York—at Nate’s insistence—that certainty begins to flicker. Nate’s friends can’t keep his insecurities at bay, especially when he catches Skyped glimpses of Adam’s shirtless roommate. Nate starts a blog to vent his frustrations and becomes the center of a school controversy, drawing ire and support in equal amounts. But it’s the attention of a new boy who is looking for more than guidance that forces him to confront who and what he really wants.

Tender, thoughtful, and unflinchingly real, Don’t Let Me Go is a witty and beautifully written account of young love, long-distance relationships, and learning to follow your heart.

“Don’t Let Me Go is a charming story. Trumble’s love for the characters is evident on every page, and it’s contagious.” -- Robin Reardon, author of A Secret Edge

About J.H. Trumble:

J.H. Trumble is a Texas native and graduate of Sam Houston State University.

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This story is wonderful and shouldn't be missed! (Wednesday, February 8, 2012)
Reviewer: Toni S

All I can say is WOW!! Awakening, discovery, tenderness, heartbreak, betrayal; I could go on and on. This is an amazing novel of first and only love.

Nate is a young man who is at a cross roads. He knows he is dependent on his boyfriend, but he also knows he must let Adam go so that he can fulfill his dreams. Even if it means that they will be separated for months and by countless miles. It tears his young heart apart. Adam has only been in his life for a short time, but without Adam, Noah just wouldn’t be.

This is Nate’s story. His past, present and future as told with the confines of this book. It is told in his voice, be it as a young and immature teenager or as man that is wise and strong beyond his years. To be able to experience this with him is a gift.

This is a love story that speaks to anyone who has ever met the other half of their heart or has experienced a long distance relationship. Nate is crushed when Adam leaves for NYC. All his insecurities and jealousies come to play, and truthfully even though Adam is an innocent bystander he does little to alleviate Nate’s feelings. This lack of communication and trust during a long distant relationship can happen between any couple and has. Matters of the heart do not know gender, race or sexual orientation. This story has nothing to do with them being lovers, it has to do with them being human beings with emotions and the games that the mind plays when we are alone and in need of our loved one.

Don’t Let Me Go is told in a unique and well thought out fashion. Flashbacks to the past are wonderfully written to flow flawlessly with the present, giving you an amazing insight into Nate and Adam’s relationship. Though Nate seems childish at times, his feelings are warranted. He has a tragic past and is still raw from the experience. I felt his heartache and his triumphs.

Ms. Trumble’s exceptional writing entranced the story for me and I couldn’t put the book down. Her portrayal of first love and all the pain and anguish that same sex couples go through is spellbinding. The injustice is poignant. Her depiction of how ugly bigotry and hatred can be was perfect. I was enraged during the story, but was also awed and filled with wonder.

Don’t Let Me Go is just simply an extraordinary story that shouldn’t be missed. I can’t praise it enough. Bravo and well done!

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