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Boyfriend Season: Cali Boys

Kelli London

ISBN 9780758261298
Publish Date 3/27/2012
Format Trade Paperback
Categories KTeen Dafina, Young Adult
List Price: $9.95

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It’s a town of heartthrobs, drama queens, and bullies. Now two teens who are new to L.A. are about to get a crash course in it all—and learn that getting the guy isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be…

Kassidy Maddox has everything—beauty, brains, and confidence to spare. Fresh off the New York A-list, she knows what she wants: Shooby, Romero, and Carsen, three extremely fine, must-have boys. And she isn’t about to choose between them—until she meets Diggs. He’s a hot property—and he doesn’t like to share. Will Kassidy finally have to give up the spotlight?

Jacobi Swanson is a late bloomer with a major crush on her neighbor, Malone. He’s got a serious case of the perfects—perfectly popular, perfectly smart, and perfectly rich. Determined to break out of her shell and into his heart, Jacobi turns to Kassidy for beauty and boy tips. But when Jacobi finally captures Malone’s attention, she’ll have to figure out whether he’s for real—along with everything else in la-la land…

“An amazing tale that is sure to delight, teach, and intrigue teens everywhere!” —Ni-Ni Simone on Boyfriend Season



Discussion Questions

1. Jacobi’s hormones caused physical changes that got in the way of her recognizing her true identity. She didn’t see herself as beautiful, talented, or smart. Yet boys found her attractive, she was a filmmaker on the rise, and she traded stocks. Do you think a girl’s physical changes during adolescence can affect her self-identity and self-worth? Why or why not?

2. Jacobi, like a lot of girls, was attracted to the “bad” guy. Why do you believe some girls like bad boys instead of guys that are good for them?

3. Jacobi and Kassidy both stayed all night at a boy’s house. Were they wrong to do so? Discuss the potential dangers.

4. Jacobi and Kassidy both lied to their parents all in the name of love. Why is this wrong?

5. Kassidy was a self-proclaimed “player” who refused to be true to one guy. Do you think her being a player had a positive or negative effect on her reputation? Does a girl’s disloyalty to boys reflect her ability to be loyal to others?

6. Rate your loyalty: Kassidy refused to be tied down to one guy and betrayed every boy she’d claimed as her own: Romero, whom she didn’t really like as a boyfriend, but misled him to think so; Carsen; and Brent. Yet she felt betrayed by Faith for her wrongdoing. Is there a difference between Kassidy’s disloyalty and Faith’s? Why or why not?

7. Some say once a cheat, always a cheat. Do you think that Kassidy would’ve cheated on Diggs?

8. Different can be a good thing. However, Kassidy and Yummy had their differences and obvious prejudices, and each was judgmental about the other’s weight. How do you handle others’ differences? Are you open and accepting or judgmental?

9. Do you think Yummy’s meanness and bullying ways were a reflection of how she felt about herself?

10. Jacobi’s best friend, Katydid, pulled the ultimate no-no. She took Shooby, the boy that Jacobi wanted, and became a teen-pregnancy statistic. Other than abstinence—the guaranteed way to prevent pregnancy— are there other measures a girl can take to prevent such an awful thing happening? Please discuss.

About Kelli London:

Kelli London, aka Kells, has been writing since she was six years old. She’s pro anything that uplifts girls (ok, boys too), is a mentor for A Dream Inc. (a non-profit organization for teens), and creator of Kelli Girls’ Pearls—gems for a girl to live by: Positive Affirmations & Daily Quotes. She lives in The Moment, is a social butterfly (social networking and newsletter butterfly too), has a passion for education, reading, writing, running, chocolate, life and, of course, her readers.

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