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Pagan Desires

Veronica Ashley

ISBN 0821757644
Publish Date 10/1/1997
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra, Romance, Historical
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The Swan

The daughter of a famous seer and a Byzantine military commander, Phaedra has made the swan her emblem as she creates potions rumored to drive men mad with desire. All the city knows of her elixirs, but few know her secret: she possess the gift of prophecy. And she has just had a vision that leaves her trembling—a vision of a dragon who will pierce her heart, not with his sword, but with his love...

The Dragon

Called the Dragon, he is Brannoc, a Norman warrior who is bodyguard to the barbarian chief responsible for the murder of Phaedra will be swept into a war within herself. She has vowed to avenge her father, yet no force on earth can stop her from loving Brannoc—a man she must gentle and tame, and then, as ancient hatreds explode, either cherish...or betray.

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