Silent Night, Sinful Night

Sharon Page, Melissa MacNeal, Chloe Harris

ISBN 9780758273925
Publish Date 9/27/2011
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Romance Erotica
List Price: $2.99

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‘Tis the season for sweet seduction and passionate pleasure. Let visions of sultry sex sweep away your inhibitions and savor the delights of these three erotic encounters…

Wicked For Christmas Sharon Page

Every Christmas, Amelia Weston is reminded of the night Lord Dante Rivington asked for her hand in marriage, took her body in passion, then vanished the next day into the snow-covered streets of Regency London. Every Christmas, she wonders if it will happen again…

Stolen Chances Chloe Harris

Winston Matthews knows a thief when he sees one, even if she is stunningly beautiful. And so he offers himself as an easy target for a sensually sinful Christmas Eve seduction…

Naughty Or Nice? Melissa MacNeal

Anxious to escape her memories of Christmas past, Tess Bennett takes a train west to the mountains of Colorado. And when she meets the sexy and seductive Johnny Gazara, she realizes that a naughty night of erotic delights is just what she needs…

About Sharon Page:

Sharon Page is the USA Today bestselling author of more than ten titles of erotic and sensual historical romance. She is a two time consecutive winner of the National Readers’ Choice Award and has twice received the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award. Married with two children, Sharon holds an industrial design degree and has worked for many years in a structural engineering firm. When not writing, she enjoys reading with her children, downhill skiing, and mountain biking. Sharon loves to hear from readers.

About Melissa MacNeal:

Truly a woman for the new millennium, I first came out in the Black Lace line with Devil’s Fire in 2000. I’d published in other genres (that’s another name and website--a completely different me!) but breaking into erotica--bringing on the body heat for all to see and read--took more nerve than I needed for my previous books! Readers believe you are your characters when you write any kind of fiction, so now my husband’s friends think they know all my deep, cheap secrets. And they believe he’s one lucky stud.

(Heh. Was there ever a question, really?)

Who knew that Devil’s Fire would spark a whole new persona, with a signature outfit, for when I speak at conferences and do autographings? I was prepping for my first signing as Melissa when the manager’s assistant (way ahead of her time--and me) said the two magic words: Wear Leather.

So I whipped up a black leather mini and a lace jacket, wore it with kick-ass heels and a black cami, and I was a hit! Over the next year or two I found my gloves and revamped a veiled hat from an antique store. Bought my little beaded boa from a mark-down box at the mall. I call it my kitty...as in, “wanna stroke my kitty?” Gets ‘em every time! ; )

(This was way before the days of Ellora’s Cave, so those authors musta copied my wardrobe, right?!)

Along with four books for the Black Lace line, I’ve published a couple of serialized novels at WickedVelvet.com--all with a historical voice I called “Victoria Holt writing as Fanny Hill.” I’ve now moved into Kensington’s Aphrodisia line with a fresh, feisty contemporary voice, featuring adventurous girls and guys very much into real-time pleasures and the technology that goes with them. All Night Long is a cruise ship romp with an international cast of players, and Hot For It is a private island/pirate fantasy that goes awry--but everyone gets lucky in the end! I’ve also written two novellas for Aphrodisia, and am looking forward to many more stories for this line!

When I’m not writing, I love to travel (can you say “cruise ship”?), cook, crochet, speak at conferences, and yes...watch dirty movies. I live in the Midwest--the buckle of the Bible Belt, matter of fact--but I spend most of my time in imaginary situations and places.

About Chloe Harris:

Chloe Harris is the pseudonym for Noelle Henderson and Barbra Kolten, who joined forces to write smart, sexy stories. Noelle is a quintessential eccentric Southerner who lives with her family in North Carolina, and seems to find a story in almost everything. Barbra is a peculiar polyglot perfectionist obsessed with details. She lives and works in Austria (that tiny spot on the globe in the heart of Europe).

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Sinful...In a Good Way (Friday, October 14, 2011)
Reviewer: Booklover1335 for Seductive Musings

In Sharon Page’s Wicked for Christmas the heroine Amelia, is the Governess to a privileged family of the Ton. She falls in love with the family heir and when he vows to marry her against his family’s wishes she succumbs to his passionate seduction only to find herself ruined and abandoned in the morning.

Alone, she is left to face the condemnation of her employer and is reduced to a mere servant, as well as the loss and seeming betrayal of the man she loved. Several years elapse and just when Amelia is on the verge of moving on with her life and trying to trust in love again, Dante returns. While his love for Amelia has not wavered he can no longer offer her the love he once did...only the protection of his name. Because on the night he disappeared he was changed into a vampire.

Dante has yearned for his one true love ever since becoming a vampire, even incurring the wrath of his maker to return to her. But now Dante must convince Amelia to marry him once again, even though they cannot be together forever. His determination to win her over results in twelve days of seduction cleverly inspired by the twelve days of Christmas. And while Dante might not be able to be in the light, he makes up for it in his creative erotic nocturnal temptations.

I enjoyed almost every aspects of Ms. Page’s story....all except for the parts that dealt with Dante being a vampire which I thought were somewhat laughable in their throw back to Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Wicked for Christmas would have been everything that I love about erotic historical romance if Dante would have been kidnapped by just an ordinary person instead of a vampire (though evil in his own way), escaped, then pursued by his abductor…basically removing every element of “vampireness” in the story. I enjoyed Ms. Page's writing style, the sensuousness of the story, as well as the historical setting so much that I will most definitely be checking out her Historical Romances like The Club or any of her other Erotic Historical Romances in the very near future. 3.50 stars /3.75 sensuality

In Naught or Nice? by Melissa MacNeal the heroine Tess is facing her first Christmas alone after the deaths of her husband and daughter, in addition to being pressured by an unwanted suitor to remarry. On a whim she decides to flee and while at the train station she finds an ad in the paper for employment and decides that it is exactly what she needs. So she boards a train for the West to escape her memories and to avoid a man she despises.

This story was my least favorite of the three. I just couldn’t get past Tess’s need to believe that her employer is Santa, or someone like him. Santa. I don’t know why I had a hard time believing that she would believe, considering that I usually try to suspend reality in ANY fiction book that I read, but I just couldn’t get past that. I wish the story would have focused more on Tess’s loss and learning to live again and finding a new love, as well as a new purpose with the wealth she inherited. Instead the story focuses on a wealthy childish man who is a mix of Willa Wonka and Santa, who lives in a fantasy world of his own creation (helped along with his opium & sexual addiction).

Perhaps I might have enjoyed Naughty or Nice? if the man needing redemption would have been the hero, but he wasn’t he was just a secondary character that took up too much page time in my opinion. As a result I felt that the story was very superficial much like the candy that Tess’s “Santa” manufactures. All sugar...no not really sugar, more like saccharin...with very little substance. It leaves you craving so much more after you are finished. 2.75 stars /3.50 sensuality

Stolen Chances by Chloe Harris is by far the best story out of the three in this anthology, and in my opinion should have been the headliner...the star, even though the author is not as well known as the other two.

Winston Matthews is the son of an important and corrupt government official whom he basically despises, but because of his love for his mother he returns home for the holidays where he encounters a beautiful woman at a ball with lust in her eyes…except the lust is not for him, but for the jewels that she is planning to steal....at least at the beginning.

Winston begins his seduction of the beautiful woman in order to thwart her attempts to illegally appropriate his guests’ valuable possessions only to find himself enthralled by the lady behind the deception. Thus begins their steamy (very steamy) holiday affair where both of them learn a bit about the other, while still protecting their own secrets.

I really loved Stolen Chances, in fact I wish it would have been a full length novel because I loved the setting of the story, I loved the dilemmas that both the heroine and hero found themselves in, as well as watching them learn to trust and believe in each other...which is against both of their skeptical natures and jaded hearts.

Stolen Chances is the shining star of this holiday themed erotic romance anthology. With its exotic locale, characters that you are dying to learn more about, not to mention the spicy and steamy love scenes which were positively sinful, this story is the one to buy Silent Night, Sinful Night for. I’m looking forward to reading more by Chloe Harris. 4.25 stars/4.00 sensuality.

Overall: 3.50 stars
Sensuality level: 3.75

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