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Wagons West Montana!: Book 10

Dana Fuller Ross

ISBN 9780786023387
Publish Date 12/6/2011
Format Paperback
Categories Western, Pinnacle, Wagons West
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Few historical frontier sagas have captured the pioneer spirit as boldly and brilliantly as the acclaimed Wagons West series by Dana Fuller Ross. Now readers can rediscover America—in the sprawling epic journey that forged a nation’s destiny…


In the fateful years following the Civil War, a shattered nation comes together to rebuild the dream that first lured them westward—the dream of freedom. Across the snowy mountains and grassy plains, America’s best and bravest seek out their fortunes in a land too large and too wild to be tamed by one generation. Toby Holt, son of the legendary wagonmaster Whip Holt, courageously accepts a presidential mandate to extend the Northwest Railroad across the hazardous Montana Territory. But Sioux war drums beat a fearsome warning to stay off their land—while the bloodthirsty Hastings gang launch their own wave of terror. At stake are the lives of Holt and his team, as well as his new bride Clarissa and his first love, Beth. At risk is the future of America itself—divided by war, driven by ambition, and forged in the blazing steel rails that would bring this great nation together…

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