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Dead By Nightfall

Beverly Barton

ISBN 9781420110364
Publish Date 11/29/2011
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra, Serial Killer, Psychological, Suspense
List Price: $7.99

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The Fear…

Malcolm York is a sadistic monster, guilty of unspeakable crimes. And with his endless wealth he’s funded a series of depraved hunts. The few who survived can never forget. They can only be thankful the terror is over. Until rumors start swirling…

Only Stops…

Griffin Powell knows the twisted depths of York’s madness. He’s also sure that York is dead. But then Griff’s wife, Nicole, disappears and the phone calls begin—that familiar voice taunting him, promising to destroy everything Griff loves.

When You Die…

Using all the resources of the Powell Agency, Griff searches for Nic, aware that every step propels him further into a madman’s web. Because the only way to keep Nic safe is to join one last perverse game where winner kills all, and the loser is dead by nightfall…

Praise for Beverly Barton’s Don’t Cry

“A shivery read… Tight twists and hairpin turns will keep readers racing through the pages.” --Bookpage

“Barton delivers a solid mix of romance and terror in her latest thriller.” –Publishers Weekly


Ciro Mayorga deserved to die. In truth, the sadistic bastard deserved far worse. If there was any justice in this unjust world, he would have suffered untold misery for years on end. He would have been beaten and starved, hunted like a wild animal, and then forcefully sodomized before being utterly humiliated and tortured until he begged for mercy.

Rafe Byrne believed in the old biblical eye-for-an-eye type of justice and had made it his life’s mission to dole out payment in kind for the unforgivable sins that men such as Mayorga had committed. It had taken him sixteen years to hunt down and eliminate four of Malcolm York’s closest friends and associates, the men York had so often entertained on Amara. Tanaka, Di Santis, Klausner, and Sternberg.

And now Rafe had captured Mayorga.

The fifty-year-old Spaniard sweated profusely. Rivulets of perspiration ran down his throat and across his flabby bare chest. The distinctive brand between his nipples, a bright pink against his olive skin, no doubt still burned like hell, as did an identical brand in the center of his back and on each butt cheek. The smell of charred flesh temporarily overpowered the scent of fresh hay and manure. Blood dripped from the numerous deep whelps crisscrossing his body, back and front, from neck to ankles. The still-hot branding iron and bloody whip lay at Rafe’s feet, both objects used in exacting some small measure of revenge.

Suffering the torment of the damned, Mayorga whimpered continuously between agonized cries and pathetic pleas.

His pleas fell on deaf ears.

The naked man hung by his bound wrists from the rafters in the horse barn, his carcass dangling like a side of butchered beef. As Rafe approached him, Mayorga’s bleary gaze struggled to focus on the weapon in his tormentor’s hand. In a useless attempt to escape the inevitable, he struggled to free his raw, rope-burned wrists. Knowing the fate that awaited him, he screamed in terror. No one else, save God and the Devil, could hear the man. And only God, the Devil, and Rafe were present when Rafe used the sharp, serrated knife to castrate the demon whose soul was destined for eternal damnation.

About Beverly Barton:

Beverly Barton was an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of more than fifty novels, including Silent Killer, Cold Hearted, The Murder Game and Close Enough to Kill.

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Fear resurrected! (Thursday, January 5, 2012)
Reviewer: Kathy Jund

Griffin Powell is a man to be reckoned with; he stands larger than life in the path of evil. After everything Griffin has been through, he fears nothing. Until now! In an impossible turn of events Griffin Powell is about to re-visit his past head on. “Nicole is missing”, if these words are not enough to strike fear into the all-powerful Griffin Powell, hearing Malcolm York has kidnapped her is sure to do it. A deadly game orchestrated by an unknown imposter who is mirroring the actions of the lunatic who continues to haunt Griffin’s nightmares. York sends Griffin on a frantic worldwide search for Nicole all the while taunting this is a hunt Griffin has no chance to win. Willing to give his life to save Nicole, this will become the final showdown between hunter and prey. The clock is running out, if Griffin fails in his task to follow the clues Nicole could end up dead by nightfall, a promise Griffin knows York intends to keep. In this all-inclusive game, York also resurrects the fears of Griffin’s close circle of friends, who so long ago teamed together to put an end to the madness they would not soon ever forget. A past alliance surfaces carrying his own agenda; can he help set in motion a plan to help end this nightmare for the last time? A thrilling, non-stop, page-turning tale that will have you staying up all night!

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