Deadly Intentions

Candice Poarch

ISBN 9780758271792
Publish Date 5/1/2011
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, AA Romance Suspense
List Price: $2.99

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She’s Hot On The Trail Of A Thief…

When Lisa Claxton starts her own cleaning business on Paradise Island, she may finally profit from her talent for whipping a house into shape—in more ways than one. A valuable Claxton heirloom, a golden bowl, is missing, and Lisa has tracked it down to a local home, which she quickly gets herself hired to clean. But when she arrives she finds a dead body—and flees right into the safe arms of an irresistibly handsome man…

But She’s About To Find So Much More…

Injured Navy SEAL Brian Knight came to his grandfather’s house to recuperate. He didn’t expect to be greeted by a frightened beauty—or to get mixed up in her scheme. But Brian has to pursue the killer who invaded the house—and he’s determined to pursue Lisa as well. Soon, the two are up against ruthless thieves whose intentions are more than deadly…

“A hard-hitting romance that adds a twist of mysterious flavor. The reader will breeze through this refreshing tale.” —RT Book Reviews on Long, Hot Nights

About Candice Poarch:

Candice Poarch is a nationally bestselling author of seventeen novels. She was reared in Stony Creek, Virgina, and currently lives in Springfield, Virginia, with her husband and three children. A former computer systems manager, she has made writing her full-time career. Candice is a graduate of Virginia State University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics.

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Reviewer: AprilR

DEADLY INTENTIONS by Candice Poarch is an interesting romantic suspense set in present day Paradise Island,Virgina.It is well written with depth and details.The plot is easy to follow and interesting.The characters are engaging,determined,and will capture your heart. It has lies,danger,murder,romance,suspense,intrigue,love,family heirloom,and mystery. Lisa Claxton,is searching a family heirloom,she works her way into the home of who is believes stole the heirloom through her housecleaning business.Brian Knight,an injured Navy Seal who is staying with his grandfather.When Lisa arrives at the suspected house of who she believes possesses the heirloom,who runs into a murdered servant and than trouble really begins,as danger looms not only from a killer but also from the handsome Brian.Together Brian and Lisa is out to find answers and love in the process.Sometimes this story is a little confusing but you soon get the hang of it and it turns into an interesting and intriguing story. If you enjoy suspense and mystery you will enjoy this one also. This book was received for the purpose of review from the publisher.Details can be found at Kensington Books and My Book Addiction Reviews.

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