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My Fair Highlander

Mary Wine

ISBN 9780758242075
Publish Date 7/26/2011
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Brava, Historical, Romance
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Jemma Ramsden is a wild thing in a noblewoman’s body—so thinks Gordon Dwyre, Laird Barras, watching her galloping on horseback through her brother’s lands. Bold, headstrong, beautiful: the perfect bride for a lusty Scots warrior. He might be able to convince her, too, if she would hear his suit. But Barras doesn’t wait to be handed what he wants. When he’s forced to rescue her from English ruffians, he makes sure she stays safe—by locking her in his castle.

Jemma is hardly an eager captive. She has no horse and no freedom, and she is an Englishwoman in a hostile Scots keep: a stranger without work or friend. Barras seems determined to charm her—even tempt forbidden desires, a daring game that leaves Jemma desperate for more. But with passion, love, and a new life within her grasp, Jemma is in more danger than even she knows…

Praise for the Novels of Mary Wine

“…delightful characters and a charming romance…definitely a must-read.” —Heather Graham on In Bed with a Stranger

“A bold and lusty hero, a brave heroine, and intrigue at the royal court of Scotland…sexy and exciting as the Highland hills themselves!” —Elizabeth Hoyt on In the Warrior’s Bed

About Mary Wine:

Mary Wine writes to reassure herself that reality really is survivable. Between traffic jams and children’s sporting schedules, there is romance lurking for anyone with the imagination to find it. She spends her days making corsets and petticoats as a historical costumer. Beware, if you send an invitation marked “formal dress,” she just might show up wearing a bustle. Mary loves to hear from readers!

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A MUST READ WITH A BOLD HERO AND STRONG HEROINE... (Saturday, September 10, 2011)
Reviewer: AprilR

MY FAIR HIGHLANDER by Mary Wine is an exciting historical romance set in Scotland and part of England.

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