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Susan D. Mustafa, Sue Israel

ISBN 9780786023615
Publish Date 7/5/2011
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, True Crime
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Includes Killer’s Gruesome Confession!

“She had beautiful legs. I wanted to keep those legs.”

One by one, investigators found the women’s bodies. Each one carefully posed. Each one brutally mutilated. An arm here. A leg there. A breast, nipples, a tattoo. The killer was cutting his victims to pieces…

“At that point, I pretty much went for the head.”

For ten years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the killings went on. Women of slight stature were hunted down, bludgeoned and strangled. And what the killer did with their bodies in the privacy of his car, his home, his kitchen, and his shower—was beyond anything police could imagine.

“I was pure evil.”

When investigators finally caught mild-mannered, Star Trek fan Sean Vincent Gillis, he couldn’t wait to tell his story. In the presence of shocked veteran detectives, Sean told them every detail of his killings, everything he did with the bodies.... And he smiled the whole time…

Includes 16 pages of shocking photographs

Warning: Contains Graphic Details

About Susan D. Mustafa:

Susan D. Mustafa is the executive editor of Southeast News in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is the award-winning co-author of No Such Thing as ImpossibleFrom Adversity to Triumph, written with Jairo Álvarez Botero, and a freelance journalist for a variety of magazines throughout the South.

About Sue Israel:

Sue Israel has more than twenty years of writing and editing experience and currently serves as the public information officer for the Office of the Commissioner in the state of Louisiana’s Division of Administration.

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