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Napoleon And Josephine

Evangeline Bruce

ISBN 1575660563
Publish Date 7/1/1996
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Kensington, Biography
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Trade Paperback

"Overflowing with rich detail and juicy anecdote, The most delectable historical work of the summer." —New York Newsday

"I want to be always in your eyes as you want me to be, your sweet and tender Josephine, my life devoted only to your happiness. All my desires amount only to pleasing you and making you happy... Adieu, Bonaparte. I will never forget your letter. I have locked it in my heart. How deeply it is engraved there and with what ecstasy my own has answered it!"

Napoleon and Josephine. Theirs is one of the greatest love stories the world has ever known. He was the Corsican army officer who would become France's most celebrated military hero. She was a sensual Creole beauty who survived Robespierre's reign of Terror and the execution of her husband. Together, they shared an unforgettable passion and made history. Set against the pomp and splendor of post-revolutionary France, Napoleon And Josephine: An Improbable Marriage is an enthralling real-life tale of desire, betrayal and ambition. In a style that is at once lyrical and seductive, author Evangeline Bruce chronicles Napoleon's rise to power and his ultimate ascent to the imperial throne; the historic first meeting between Napoleon and Josephine; and the subsequent marriage that would survive his infidelities and her wild extravagances. But it was the tormenting question of succession—Josephine's inability to produce an heir—that finally led to divorce ... and the wrenching separation that could wound but never destroy a love as willful, passionate and quixotic as Napoleon and Josephine themselves.

Drawn directly from the two lovers' previously censored private letters and intimate journals, this flawlessly researched biography brings to life a tumultuous era and two of history's most fascinating people in a story so compelling, romantic, and compulsively readable it could be fiction.

"A high-speed tour of the most complex period in French history. Fascinating." —Washington Post Book World

"Vibrant. Vivid. Paris comes alive with its noises, smells, fashions and salons." —Publishers Weekly

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