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Please Fire Me

Adam Chromy, Jill Morris

ISBN 9780806534435
Publish Date 4/26/2011
Format Trade Paperback
Categories General, Citadel
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If you work in the kind of place where your boss’s door is always open, the coffee is always refilled, and professionalism reigns, then kindly put down this book and throw yourself off something very tall. If years of being frustrated by arrogant douche bags and mental pygmies have left you ready to burn the world to the ground while laughing, then prepare to discover someone actually has it worse.

Inspired by the hugely popular website, Please Fire Me is

“A venting ground for the malemployed.” —Thrillist

“A really funny, bitchy co-worker.” —The L Magazine

Read hilarious workplace horror stories and follow the PFM guide to surviving the corporate machine.

“Your boss is illiterate, your co-worker eats her own hair—whine it all out on Please Fire Me.” —

“Read Please Fire Me and be happy your job isn’t that bad.” —Smart Pretty and Awkward

“Hilarious.” —Times & Transcript

About Adam Chromy:

Adam Chromy Before graduating from NYU’s Stern School of Business in 1992, Adam Chromy helped start his first company, which led to roles in several profitable technology startups. Then the tech boom led to his decade of work as a tech headhunter. Adam found helping people find better, higher paying jobs very satisfying and in 1999 he gave up a high paying job and a share of a profitable business to start his own literary agency, Artists and Artisans, where he uses his entrepreneurial drive and experience to help clients realize their creative and professional goals. He created to inspire everybody to make their work life better. He lives in New York City.

About Jill Morris:

Jill Morris is a writer and performer currently living in Brooklyn. While attending The University of Texas in Austin, her sketch "Existential Pinata" was a finalist in a national writing contest. That same year, Jill began contributing for The Onion and continues to do so. Jill is a sketch writer for the UCB Maude team Gorilla Gorilla. She also writes and performs sketch comedy with Kape and a video parody she wrote and produced was selected to be on the CW Network. Her other writing credits include: The Onion News Network, McSweeney’s, Yankee Pot Roast, and The Texas Travesty.

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