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The Way Of The Warrior


ISBN 9780806532325
Publish Date 4/26/2011
Categories Citadel, Martial Arts
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“He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.” —Sun Tzu

The revered secrets of the Samurai code kishido are strictly for the strong of heart. The Way of the Warrior is a series of lessons that Jotaro’s martial-arts master passed on to him, as well as teaching virtues embedded in all traditional martial ways. Demanding unquestionable ethics and unconditional chivalry, kishido embraces both Eastern and Western customs and practices, and is essential knowledge for strong-willed warriors on the battlefield—and in the boardroom. Renowned practitioner Jotaro takes you step by step through the Samurai code, illuminating topics such as:

Fudoshin: courage without recklessness,

Koji: the secrets of the master texts

Ichigo, Ichie: the Power of One

Natsukusa: skill combined with experience creates a master

Kotan: the simplicity of every action when the mind and the body are in balance

…and much more.

A word of caution: This knowledge is to be used for academic study ONLY.

“Jotaro’s lessons can be applied with devastating effectiveness.” —Dr. Haha Lung, author of Mind Penetration

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