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My Lady Governess

Wilma Counts

ISBN 0821764837
Publish Date 2/1/2000
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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A Rebellious Runaway

When Elinor Richards’ guardian attempts to barter her in marriage to an unsavory gentleman, the desperate heiress can only see one solution. Disguising herself as “Miss Palmer,” she takes the post of governess to the twin children of the Marquis of Trenville. Yet, when the proximity of her attractive employer heightens her senses intolerably, Elinor sees how rash she has been. For propriety requires Adrian to fancy none but a lady—or a courtesan—and “Miss Palmer” is neither!

A Noble Patriot

Adrian, a widower set against remarriage, dedicates himself wholly to serving his country as a diplomat—and, lately, to uncovering a spy in his household. He is not, however, impervious to the half-glimpsed charms and sprightly mind of the new governess. But when he suspects there’s more to “Miss Palmer,” he finds himself in quite a quandary. For this apparent imposter might very well be the traitor he is seeking—and the only woman who has managed to unlock his heart...

About Wilma Counts:

Before moving to Nevada in 1994, Wilma Counts taught high school English and social studies in Germany to dependents of American forces stationed there. She loved the kids, but hated meaningless paperwork. She especially enjoyed her work with Advance Placement English, Model United Nations, and student exchanges with a Russian school.

Wilma grew up in Oregon, a product of the Leave It To Beaver era. She holds degrees in education and international relations. Having traveled widely, she is keenly interested in politics and international relations. She freely admits to being a C-SPAN junkie.

A member of the Romance Writers of America, she has written two Regency novels and a novella for Zebra. Willed to Wed is slated for publication in September, '99, and My Lady Governess in February, '00. Her current projects include another Regency and a novel set in the American West. She contributes a regular column on grammar and usage to the local RWA newsletter. Besides her interest in travel and writing, Wilma is an avid reader and she loves to cook, garden, and gamble—not necessarily in that order.

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