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Jon Bon Jovi

Laura Jackson

ISBN 9780806534428
Publish Date 1/25/2011
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Biography, Citadel
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“Like a cowboy, Jon Bon Jovi rode in on a steel horse and set the standard in the art of the power ballad.” —Spin

His band has sold more than 120 million records worldwide. More than 34 million fans in 50 countries have pumped their fists to his chart-topping hits in thousands of sold out shows. But few know the real man behind the star. The romantic devoted to his high school sweetheart in the midst of rock and roll excess. The father of four engaged in politics and humanitarian interests. How his most private insecurities fuel his boundless ambitions. From his big-hair metal roots to his status as a global icon, this all-access pass captures the driving desires and personal passions that make Jon Bon Jovi a legend still in the making.

“Bon Jovi is, along with Bruce Springsteen and U2’s Bono, a member of that small society of aging-but-blazing singers.” —People

“Bon Jovi fans should appreciate this addition to the singer’s memorabilia.” —Publishers Weekly

With 8 pages of color photos

About Laura Jackson:

Laura Jackson is a highly celebrated, bestselling rock and film biographer who has interviewed many of the world's leading celebrities. For twenty years she has tracked the lives of the stars and gained access to their inner circles to produce a series of critically acclaimed biographies. She has written sixteen books on subjects including Bono, Queen, Kiefer Sutherland, Steven Tyler, and The Rolling Stones, among others. Her work is published in ten languages and she is regularly interviewed on national and international TV. Britain’s Sky TV said, “When it comes to getting close to the rich and famous, Laura Jackson is second to none.” The Daily Express believes “Laura Jackson is the queen of biographers.” She lives in Scotland.

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