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Immortal Bad Boys

Rebecca York, Rosemary Laurey, Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

ISBN 9780758253958
Publish Date 9/7/2010
Format Paperback
Categories Brava, Paranormal
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Curl up under the covers with a trio of bad boys who know how to please. After all, they’ve had an eternity to practice...

Night Ecstasy by Rebecca York

New Orleans is a city pulsing with every forbidden pleasure three-hundred-year-old vampire Jules DeMario desires—including artist Taylor Lawson. And as their relationship becomes more intimate and erotic, more than Taylor’s creativity finds stimulation…

Velvet Night by Rosemary Laurey

Police officer Vickie Anderson is in the Virginia mountains looking for solitude. What she finds is seductive Pete Falcon. The cop in her says stay away. But the woman in her can’t resist his almost feral combination of sex and danger…

Midnight Court by Linda Thomas Sundstrom

A creature of the night, handsome Christopher Dante is as lustful as any man. At Lord Rothchilde’s infamously debauched Midnight Court, he meets temptation: the innocent future bride of Lord Rothchilde himself. But in this Midnight Court, both Dante and his jealous former lover, Elizabeth, will have to risk their hearts in order to survive...

New York Times bestselling author Rebecca York (aka Ruth Glick) has written more than 115 books. She is a two-time RITA finalist and has won two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times. She and her husband live in Columbia, Maryland. Visit her web site at

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom is a native of southern California, and a teacher at a major university. She writes both romance and fantasy novels. Her first book, Cafй Heaven, was published in 2003.

About Rosemary Laurey:

More years ago than she cares to remember, Rosemary Laurey left her native England to teach her way around the world. She didn't get very far. In Turkey she met the love of her life, a handsome US Air Force captain from South Carolina. Since then, she's raised three sons, taught regular and special education, worked as a tutor and educational assessor, moonlighted as a bookseller and somehow managed to get a master's degree in her spare time.

She now writes full time and shares an empty nest in German Village in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, George.

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