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Secrets Of The Ninja

Ashida Kim

ISBN 9780806532462
Publish Date 7/27/2010
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, Martial Arts
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Trade Paperback

The highly controversial “bible” of forbidden ninja techniques—use at your own risk!

Ashida Kim is one of only a handful of individuals who learned the true secrets of ninjitsu from a real ninja. Everything a warrior needs to learn the true Silent Way is here, from mastering invisibility in the presence of an enemy to penetrating any place unseen…to passing without leaving a trace and much more:

  • The nine steps used to erase shadow and sound

  • Sentry removal through five key assassination techniques

  • Attacking from ambush—above, below, or behind

  • The art of escaping, including crucial contingency plans

  • The exotic art of tonki and the nine ways of throwing

  • The techniques of huo nei kuo, or “capture in passing”

A word to the wise warrior: Secrets of the Ninja is for academic study ONLY.

About Ashida Kim:

Ashida Kim is an internationally renowned martial-arts expert who teaches and lectures around the world. He is the author of Ninja Mind Control and Ninjitsu for Women. In addition to teaching, both at his own Dojo and on contract to other schools, he maintains affiliate clubs around the globe, hires out as a freelance agent to select intelligence agencies, and teaches police seminars.

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