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Creed Of The Mountain Man #23

William W. Johnstone

ISBN 9780786015313
Publish Date 7/6/2010
Format Paperback
Categories Western, Pinnacle, Last Mountain Man
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Run For Hell

Smoke Jensen has tried to make peace with the land—and the past. But trying to outrun a reputation as a fearless gunslinger in the wilds of Colorado Territory can be life’s toughest game—especially when a man is playing against fate. This time it’s calling Smoke to the restless Wyoming range, to fight the bloodiest private war in America’s history.

In Johnson County, vigilantes have become the law. Cattle rustlers have turned the great Powder River red with the blood of the innocent. And nothing’s going to stop the renegades from going barrel to barrel to steal the best grazing land in the Territory. But they meet their match in the likes of the kill-or-be-killed legend, Smoke Jensen. As the body count rises, the trail-hardened Smoke Jensen is set to strap on his brand of .44 caliber justice—and teach these outlaws that Hell is closer than they think.

About William W. Johnstone:

William W. Johnstone is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of over 220 books, including The First Mountain Man; The Last Mountain Man; Maccallister; Eagles; Savage Texas; Matt Jensen, The Last Mountain Man; The Family Jensen; The Kerrigans: A Texas Dynasty, and the stand-alone thrillers Suicide Mission, The Bleeding Edge, Home Invasion, Stand Your Ground, Tyranny, and Black Friday. Visit his website at or by email at

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