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Beast Behaving Badly: The Pride Series #5

Shelly Laurenston

ISBN 9780758231680
Publish Date 5/25/2010
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Brava, Pride, Paranormal
List Price: $14.00

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Some men just have more to offer. Like Bo Novikov, the hard-muscled shape-shifter hero of this wildly funny, deeply sexy new novel from Shelly Laurenston—part polar bear, part lion, pure alpha…

Ten years after Blayne Thorpe first encountered Bo Novikov, she still can’t get the smooth-talking shifter out of her head. Now he’s shadowing her in New York—all seven-plus feet of him—determined to protect her from stalkers who want to use her in shifter dogfights. Even if he has to drag her off to an isolated Maine town where the only neighbors are other bears almost as crazy as he is…

Let sleeping dogs lie. Bo knows it’s good advice, but he can’t leave Blayne be. Blame it on her sweet sexiness—or his hunch that there’s more to this little wolfdog than meets the eye. Blayne has depths he hasn’t yet begun to fathom—much as he’d like to. She may insist Bo’s nothing but a pain in her delectable behind, but polar bears have patience in spades. Soon she’ll realize how good they can be together. And when she does, animal instinct tells him it’ll be worth the wait…

About Shelly Laurenston:

Shelly Laurenston is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Pride, Call of Crows, and The Honey Badger Chronicles, as well as winner of the RT Book Reviews Readers' Choice Award for her 2016 novel, The Undoing. When she’s not writing about sexy wolf, honey badger, lion, and other fang-filled predators, she's writing about sexy dragons as G.A. Aiken, the acclaimed and bestselling author of the Dragon Kin series. Originally from Long Island, she now lives on the West Coast and spends most of her time writing and making sure her rescued Pit bull doesn’t love everyone into a coma. Please visit her online at

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(Tuesday, June 29, 2010)
Reviewer: Kari

A whole lotta HOT! A good bit of STEAMY! And plenty of laugh-out-loud moments! You will not be able to resist the characters, and are sure to find comparisons in people you know. This sexy tale of paranormal romance will be hard to put down. A tale of shape-shifters and the hybrid shifters among them, and all of them blending in to humankind.

Blayne is our hybrid heroine, a shifter of Wolf and African Wild Dog, and appearing African-American to the humans. She is bubbly, chaotic, and a joy to be around, and totally hard to resist. Oh, and she is a Roller Derby gal, trying to toughen up for a big competition. She ends up being targeted for illegal hybrid-shifter fighting rings.

Enter Bo Novikov; he is the complete, polar opposite of Blayne. Literally. I mean, he is a Polar Bear-Lion hybrid, and the baddest, crankiest, toughest player, on the pro hockey shifter circuit. He lives his days by strict schedules, and hard training. Compulsively neat and well-organized, he is completely caught off gaurd by a take-down on ice from little Miss Blayne.

That becomes the first of several horizontal positions between the two! This story touches on how opposites can complement each other, and the sparks fly between the two. Soon enough, the sparks fly between them, and hot enough to melt the ice rink! You will be left wanting more when this story ends.

A review from Coffee Time Romance (Friday, May 28, 2010)

If you have never read anything by Ms. Laurenston, you have been missing out on some of the sexiest, sweetest, and most hilarious shifters ever imagined! Bo and Blayne are a perfect representation of the enormity of Ms. Laurenston’s talent. They have you howling with laughter from beginning to end, and even the dark moments are rife with humor. I love the diversity of goofball antics, steamy love scenes, and flying body parts that all come together to bring you one unforgettable read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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