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Kentucky Bride

Hannah Howell

ISBN 9781420104653
Publish Date 5/4/2010
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra, Historical, Romance
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Beautiful Clover Sherwood never expected such a cruel fate. Her father’s death has left her penniless, ostracized from Pennsylvania society, and abandoned by her fiancé. All she has now is a grieving mother, two hungry little brothers and no prospects…until a wealthy Kentucky backwoodsman with a deep Scottish burr comes to town—and inspires her to make a most daring move…

It’s no secret that rugged, roughhewn Scotsman, Ballard MacGregor is ready to marry. Nonetheless, he is surprised by genteel Clover’s sudden proposal…and more than pleased. For the lass’s sweet innocence is bewitching. But settlement life proves harsh on his refined young wife. And Ballard fears that unless he can awaken her passion and win her love—as she has won his—he may lose his Kentucky bride…

“The superbly talented Howell never disappoints.” --Romantic Times

About Hannah Howell:

Born and raised in Massachusetts, her family's home since the 1630s, Hannah Howell is the author of over thirty Zebra historical romances. Her love of history prompts the choice of venue, and also her dragging her husband Stephen, to every historical site she can get to. Her fascination with the past makes research as much a pleasure as a necessity. It was a thrill for her to turn her love of history and writing into a career, one that allows her to share those loves with others.

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A review from Coffee Time Romance (Friday, May 14, 2010)

I really enjoyed this story. Ballard and Clover are well matched and their growing relationship is very enjoyable to read about. The author does a good job of describing both a bustling post Revolution seaport and rural Kentucky. The contrast between the two was fascinating. I also enjoyed the subplot of Clover’s mother and her long lost love Colin. The plot also has an element of suspense and Clover’s former fiancé makes a wonderful villain. Fans of historical romance and Ms. Howell are going to love this story as much as I did.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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