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A Room For The Dead

Noel Hynd

ISBN 0786000899
Publish Date 1/1/1995
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, Paranormal
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A Unique And Terrifying Novel Of Psychological Suspense From The Bestselling Author Of Ghosts...

It is the winter of 1993. With only a few months to go before his retirement, Detective Sgt. Frank O'Hara faces the most impossible challenge of his career: a killer who can't possibly exist…not in this world, anyway.

Several years before, O'Hara helped send Gary Ledbetter, an angelic blue-eyed psychopath, to the electric chair. Now Ledbetter's grisly signature is clear on a string of fresh murders that sicken even veteran cops…

Is this a hideous re-enactment of Ledbetter's crimes? A deadly spectre from the past out for revenge? Or…is Frank O'Hara just losing his mind?

Both a mesmerizing ghost story and a gripping detective tale, A Room For The Dead takes you on a hair-raising journey into the darkest recesses of one man's soul…

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