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Shadow Warrior

ISBN 9780806531243
Publish Date 10/27/2009
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, Martial Arts
List Price: $12.95

Do virtually anything with almost nothing.

With riveting real-life examples and step-by-step instruction, this revelatory work from the renowned martial arts historian and practitioner Jotaro guides you through the principles of kochojutsu, the art of the butterfly: a specialized means of controlling your body and mind, your environment, and your foes to achieve your own ends. In plain language Jotaro renders the esoteric and technical aspects of spycraft, martial arts, psychology, and spirituality into practical actions you can apply immediately to every aspect of life.

Reading this book and adhering to its precepts will allow you to:

Disappear: Become undetectable in any environment.

Read Minds: Know your enemies’ thoughts and intentions before they do.

See the Future: Ensure that your “educated guesses” are never wrong.

Control Minds: From gentle suggestion to irresistible manipulation, bend others to your will.

Become Invincible: Guarantee that you never lose a fight.

Readers are cautioned to use the knowledge contained in these pages with humility and restraint.

(Caution: For Academic Study Only)

Jotaro, an international explorer and scholar, has black belts in five martial arts traditions. He is one of the most advanced disciples of the Master from whom he learned the arts of kochojutsu and kishido. A working expert in law enforcement, intelligence gathering, litigation, and military tactics, Jotaro has immersed his professional and personal life in the art of the butterfly.

“Brilliant! Jotaro’s lessons can be applied with devastating effectiveness.” —Dr. Haha Lung, author of Mind Penetration

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ASTOUNDING (Tuesday, October 27, 2009)
Reviewer: Jerry

ASTOUNDING! Shadow Warrior is truly an astonishing book. The techniques in here are practical for any setting and for any job. After reading the book, I've completed re-thought my approach to both my professional and personal life. A must read for those whose job requires them to accurately foretell the future. It teaches you how to be aware in every setting and makes you conscious of your surroundings and other people as you never have been before. You learn how to react and respond to any situation. This book has teachings for everyone and is a great read for all.

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