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Wild Conquest

Hannah Howell

ISBN 9781420104646
Publish Date 11/3/2009
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra, Historical, Romance
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From New York Times bestseller Hannah Howell, a classic love story of a Scottish hero too wild to be tamed and the woman he’s destined to set free…

Pleasance Dunstan is used to silently bearing the cruelties put upon her by her thoughtless family. But nothing can prepare her for the greatest indignity of all: being sold into servitude to a man as wild as Tearlach O’Duine. His untamed ways are whispered of throughout town, and he has set his sights on Pleasance to be more than his servant. He will have her in his bed.

Pleasance could escape this fate with a word, but her fierce pride keeps her silent. Instead, she follows her new master to the rough lands where he has made a home and finds a world beyond any she has ever known—a world of desire. For though he is her captor, only Tearlach can show her how freeing true passion can be…and while her servitude to him will one day end, nothing can stop the binding of their hearts…

Praise for the Novels of Hannah Howell

“Howell offers readers another captivating tale.” —Booklist

“Another wonderful story filled with adventure, emotion, and laughter.” —Romantic Times

About Hannah Howell:

Born and raised in Massachusetts, her family's home since the 1630s, Hannah Howell is the author of over thirty Zebra historical romances. Her love of history prompts the choice of venue, and also her dragging her husband Stephen, to every historical site she can get to. Her fascination with the past makes research as much a pleasure as a necessity. It was a thrill for her to turn her love of history and writing into a career, one that allows her to share those loves with others.

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A review from Coffee Time Romance (Saturday, October 31, 2009)

Ms. Howell does it once again. She gives the reader another Scotsman to fall in love with. Tearlach is a stubborn, hard working, hard loving man. I would expect nothing less from him. Pleasance is a wonderful partner for him especially when she learns to stand up to him. Pleasance grows so much throughout this story, and it is truly a pleasure to see. From the first page to the very last page, the reader is drawn into the life, love and struggles this couple faces. I would highly recommend this book. I know it will be sitting on my bookshelf, awaiting a time when I can return to 1769 Worcester for a visit with Tearlach, Pleasance and Moira.

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