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Bloody Right

Georgia Evans

ISBN 9780758234834
Publish Date 8/4/2009
Format Paperback
Categories Fantasy, Kensington, Georgia Evans
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It will take all of Brytewood’s Others to save their village from destruction in the climax of a Georgia Evans’ supernatural trilogy…

Gryffyth Pendragon has done his bit for the war effort when he comes back to sleepy Brytewood from the battlefront at Trondheim. It cost him a leg, and his chance to use his dragon’s strength against the Nazis—or so he thinks. Until he finds out that his little village is facing a plague of vampire spies set on delivering it to the Third Reich. They’ve come up with a plan that, if they can pull it off, might break all of Britain’s will to fight…

But there are more allies for Gryffyth in Brytewood than he’d ever imagined, and while a doctor, a nurse, a schoolteacher, and a couple of sexagenarians doesn’t sound like much of a battle force to him, there’s more to his cohorts than meets the eye. Against ancient and impossibly powerful agents of evil, they will need every man, woman, and dragon-shifter they can get…

About Georgia Evans:

Georgia Evans grew up in England, in a village in the Mole Valley where her early years were filled with family stories about survival and loss during WW2. The magical world of Brytewood and its unusual inhabitants came from a childhood spent surrounded by the remnants and scars of war and the old magic and folklore of the North Downs, all given the free rein in a writer’s imagination. And who’s to say where History ends and Fiction begins?

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Bloody Right (Friday, October 16, 2009)
Reviewer: Cheryl Bulone

The war is still raging in Brytewood, but now the good guys have one more to help them out in their fight--Gryffth Pendragon comes home from the war missing a leg but still able to breathe fire--They are down to only 2 more German vampires to go--can this ragtag group defeat the undead?

Griffth finds more than war in his hometown--he finds love in the form of a water sprite--who says fire and water don't mix? These 2 sure have the fire going on!

Anything Else:

Read this wonderful conclusion to this great trilogy--it really shouldn't be missed.

Fantastic paranormal romance. (Friday, August 7, 2009)

Our story takes place during World War II. Mary LaPrioux is a Guernsey schoolteacher who’s been evacuated with her students. Now in the village of Brytewood, she’s been billeted with the nurse for the area—Gloria, who’s happily engaged. The only problem Mary has is that Brytewood is landlocked. While this may not be a problem for most people, it is for Mary. See, Mary is Other—not totally human. Mary is a Water Sprite and there are times when she needs to feel water over her skin—her entire skin. She did manage to find a big enough body of water to fit her needs, even if it isn’t saltwater. Right now the entire village of Brytewood is preparing for the return of the local war hero—Gryffth Pendragon—and Mary is in the thick of the preparations. She can’t wait for the party. Finally, something to celebrate. Everyone in the village will bring something, regardless of the rationing.

Gryffth Pendragon lost part of a leg at Trondheim. So after he healed sufficiently, he was sent back home. Staying with his father in Brytewood, Gryffth feels he no longer has a life. He’s a cripple now. He won’t even be able to totally shift anymore. After all, what good is a Dragon with only three legs? Feeling as if he is no longer useful at anything, he refuses to go to the party being held in his honor. Eventually his father manages to convince him to go. The whole village is looking forward to it and Gryffth can’t disappoint everyone. While sitting on a bench—it’s not as if he can very well dance now, can he?—he’s shocked when a beautiful woman approaches him and asks him to dance. And she won’t take no for an answer, instead dragging him to his feet and forcing him to dance with her, regardless of how awkward it is. When he gets called for all the speeches, Mary manages to disappear. Of course, it’s not like it’s any difficulty for Gryffth to find out where Mary lives and works and so he decides to pursue her.

Naturally, everything is not calm in the village of Brytewood. Turns out there are a couple of Vampires in the area. German spies with an agenda of their own.

Will Gryffth and Mary be able to pursue a relationship? What are the Vampires up to? Can they be stopped? Are there any other secrets in the village of Brytewood? Will Gryffth and Mary be able to tell the other what they are?

BLOODY RIGHT is an amazing story. Without having read the first two in this series, Georgia Evans did a wonderful job of pulling me into the story and I never felt lost while reading it. I have read several books on World War II, but never anything about the English and how those left behind suffered during the War. The lack of everything, from food to phones was portrayed in this book in a very realistic, down-to-earth manner. This book also touches on what happens to those crippled veterans after they get out of the service and the problems they deal with—how they feel, how they try to fit back into society. And then we have Mary, and the problems she faced being put into a village after being evacuated from her home and everything and everyone she knows and loves. But this is a paranormal romance and we have plenty of that in this story as well, complete with the heartfelt sigh. After reading BLOODY RIGHT, I fully intend to rush out and get the first two books in this series and I have also added another author to my auto-buy list—Georgia Evans aka Rosemary Laurey. Read this story, you won’t be sorry you did.

Bloody right (Friday, August 7, 2009)
Reviewer: Gabrielle

Bloody Right is a good read.I truly enjoyed it's mix of supernatural characters,from Dragons to Sprites all coming together to fight against the Nazis and the Vampires they are sending.

(Monday, August 3, 2009)
Reviewer: Deborah Barrett

I have never been a fan of history and my book buying has changed from historical to contemporary to paranormal. So, imagine my surprise when reading a series of books based during WW II in England and enjoying them. Georgia Evans gives us glimpses into the lives of an English village during WW II. It was interesting to read about rationing, black outs, and the foods. One thing did startle me. I’ve always thought of the movie Gone with the Wind as being done in my lifetime, so imagine my surprise when they talk about seeing this movie and the women mooning over Clark Gable!

We’ve all heard and read about how romances fast forward during wars and this was played out in this series. In her books we read about families being torn apart and reforming and love lives developing. Delightfully, for me, these included the paranormal groups—dragons, pixies, water sprites, vampires (good and bad), were animals, and humans.

In this book, a dragon who had lost part of a leg while in the service returns home to find that his battles are not over yet. Imagine his surprise to discover vampires are in his village and a group of Others (him and his father aren’t the only ones) are battling to defeat the bad vampire spies.

We were kind of left hanging at the end of this book with a fairy and a pixie trying to evade the Germans to safety. I sincerely hope this will lead us to more books in this series.

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