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Bloody Awful

Georgia Evans

ISBN 9780758234827
Publish Date 7/7/2009
Format Paperback
Categories Fantasy, Kensington, Georgia Evans
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In the second of Georgia Evans’ supernatural trilogy, Gloria Prewitt must reveal her greatest secret to have any hope of saving the people she loves…

As the district nurse for a country village outside London, Gloria has the respect of the town and the satisfaction of helping those who need it most. She’d lose both if anyone discovered that she turns into a furry red fox and runs through the Surrey hills by moonlight. But what she sees on those wild nights suggests Brytewood is under attack—from a saboteur with superhuman powers and the force of the Nazi Luftwaffe behind him.

What can one werefox do against a predator with devastating weapons at his command—and the strength of the undead besides? What can a woman with a secret reveal without losing all she has? With the help of a couple of Devonshire Pixies, a Welsh dragon, and two men too stubborn to admit they’re outnumbered, Gloria might just find out the answers…

About Georgia Evans:

Georgia Evans grew up in England, in a village in the Mole Valley where her early years were filled with family stories about survival and loss during WW2. The magical world of Brytewood and its unusual inhabitants came from a childhood spent surrounded by the remnants and scars of war and the old magic and folklore of the North Downs, all given the free rein in a writer’s imagination. And who’s to say where History ends and Fiction begins?

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Customer Review

Bloody Great! (Saturday, September 5, 2009)
Reviewer: Tee

This is a first book by Georgia Evans and even though it is a series I really enjoyed it. I would say
If you’re not into supernatural reads still pick it up. It is a very touching and wonderful story.

Gloria Prewitt, local district nurse is very devoted to the job she has. Her friends all love her and she helps anyone who is in need of her. She has an attraction to the plant manager, Andrew Barron and she is hoping he can help her stop the demon vampires.

The question is will he accept her as herself along with the furry friend she shifts too? Read to find out all the wonderful details of this book.

Bloody Awful was not Awful at all!! (Sunday, August 30, 2009)
Reviewer: Cheryl B.

Gloria is a small town nurse in the middle of wartime--only she is something more--she is Other.

So now vampires are not the only thing in their small town--Gloria comes to find out there are different people in town who are Other as well--not the same as her but Other nonetheless.

Now can this ragtag group of Others save their small town and help with the war effort using all their special abilities against Hitler and his vampires?

You will have to read to find out.

Anything else:

I didn't think I would like this book as I don't read wartime books, but this story had just enough otherness to keep it interesting and kept me reading. I can't wait to get started on the next one.

Bloody Awesome (Sunday, August 30, 2009)
Reviewer: Judy F

Georgia Evans continues her delightful Brytewood series in the novel
Bloody Awful.

District nurse Gloria Prewitt is dedicated to her job. She is honored and cherished by her friends and those that she helps. Gloria knows things will change if they ever catch her furry foxy self running thru the woods. But Gloria has more to worry about then her shifting when evil vampires run amok during WWII England.

With Danger closing around her and her friends, Gloria finds herself attracted to plant manager Andrew Barron. Can Gloria with the help of her gifted friends stop the plans of the vampires and their allies? And will Andrew still love her fur and all?

Gloria Evans pens a wickedly charming and fanciful tale in Bloody Awful. Set in WWII ands another layer to the wonderful cast of characters. I am looking to the next book in this series, can't wait to see how the town folks take care of the enemy..

Bloody Awful is Bloody Great! (Monday, August 17, 2009)
Reviewer: Deb's Book Nook

Bloody Awful is the second in Georgia Evan’s fantasy trilogy.
Set in 1940, the residents of the village of Brytewood in Surrey are coping the best way they can. Dealing with a possible invasion by the German army, bombings, black out conditions, food rationing and a village full of evacuees would be hard enough for any community to deal with but Brytewood is dealing with something even more ominous. Spies have infiltrated their village and to make matters worse, some are vampires!
What will they do and how can they possibly defeat such vicious foes? Ah, fear not, the residents of Brytewood have a few secret weapons of their own. A couple of Devon Pixies, a weredragon, a witch and now the
District Nurse, Gloria Prewitt, has a secret of her own. She is a werefox. Most of the time that doesn’t pose a problem since she is single and only has to change at the full moon, but when she meets the handsome Andrew Barron, Supervisor of the secret munitions plant, things become more complicated. As they get to know each other, how can she keep her secret from him? Could she bear to tell him and possibly lose his love?
As the threat of violence increases, the villagers will reveal their secrets and rally together to fight. But can a couple of Devon pixies, a weredragon, a witch and a werefox and a few trusted friends defeat the vampires that threaten them?
Be sure and grab both Bloody Good and Bloody Awful, the first and second of the trilogy. You won’t want to miss a word of this wonderful series and will be waiting with baited breath for Bloody Right coming out in August 2009.

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