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Long White Con

Iceberg Slim

ISBN 9780870679308
Publish Date 1/1/2008
Format Paperback
Categories Holloway House Classics
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Author Robert Beck, better known by his ghetto pseudonym, “Iceberg Slim,” told the story of a blue-eyed, light haired, white-skinned Negro called “White Folks,” the most incredible con man the ghetto ever spawned, in the most famous of all his books, Trick Baby. That, however, wasn’t all of the story of White Folks. Beck continues the saga of Folks in this spellbinding new novel, playing the biggest score of his life. No chump change sores for Folks; he’s out to prove that he is a “true blue nigger” and dynamite with one long con…but Folks cannot forget the past, the stigma of being a trick baby, a mother who was gang raped, himself mercilessly violated by those who thought he was white. Beck’s unique talent for brilliant characterizations does justice to a cast of grifters that include High Pockets Kate, the High Ass Marvel and the Vicksburg Kid. Long White Con is a modern masterpiece!

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