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Iceberg Slim

ISBN 9780870679353
Publish Date 1/1/2008
Format Paperback
Categories Holloway House Classics
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Iceberg Slim is the name he used in the black ghetto. His real name is Robert Beck and he was a pimp. This is his story, told without bitterness and with no pretense at moralizing--the smells, the sounds, the fears, the petty triumphs in the world of the pimp. No other book comes anywhere near this one in its description of the raw, brutal reality of the jungle that lurks beneath the surface of every city. Nobody but a pimp could tell this story, and none ever has...until Iceberg Slim. He was young, ambitious, and blessed with a superior IQ. He spent twenty-five years of his life in Hell. Other pimps died in prison, or in insane asylums, or were shot down in the street. But Iceberg Slim escaped death and the drug habit to live in the square world and to write--about his people and his life.

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