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Your Best Poker Friend

Alan N. Schoonmaker

ISBN 0818407212
Publish Date 11/27/2007
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Lyle Stuart, Gambling
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Poker players who read Dr. Alan Schoonmaker’s groundbreaking Your Worst Poker Enemy learned that many of their mistakes at the table were psychological, not strategic. Now he’s taking his program even further to help you get the outstanding results you want—and deserve.

Wait—So Who Is My Best Poker Friend?

You are, of course! Dr. Schoonmaker can boost you to your true potential by helping you analyze your commitment, giving you a clear sense of where you want to go and teaching you how to get there. You’ll learn the keys to long-term player planning and development, and get the big picture on:

  • Learning efficiently

  • Monitoring yourself and the situation

  • Increasing your edge

  • Playing no-limit hold’em

  • Assessing your assets and liabilities

  • Planning your poker career

As players get smarter and the games get tougher, there’s one edge you should depend on: playing at your full potential. Dr. Schoonmaker can help get you there so that you can maximize your enjoyment of the game—and your profits!

Alan N. Schoonmaker, Ph.D, is the author of Your Worst Poker Enemy and the top-selling The Psychology of Poker, and is a columnist for Card Player magazine. He received his Ph.D. in Psychology from UC Berkeley, and has conducted research and taught at UCLA, Carnegie-Mellon, and Belguim’s Catholic University of Louvain. He lives in Las Vegas.

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