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No-Limit Hold'em Hand By Hand

Neil D. Myers

ISBN 0818407247
Publish Date 10/30/2007
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Lyle Stuart, Gambling
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Dear No-Limit Hold'em Player,

If you are already playing no-limit hold'em and want to improve fast, you have found the right book. No-limit hold'em is poker's hottest game, but to play it well isn't easy. If you play in cash no-limit hold'em games that have buy-ins of anywhere from $60 to $2,000, this book can save you confusion and frustration, and make you money.

I have illustrated key no-limit hold'em concepts using challenging poker problems that cover common situations you will encounter in the typical cash no-limit hold'em game:

  • Playing small stacks

  • When and how playing a big stack changes the game

  • Proper bet sizing

  • The types of no-limit games you should look for

  • Starting hand selection

  • Play on the flop, turn, and river

I'll show you how to maximize your profit and avoid mistakes that even experienced players make. You can open the book at any problem and improve your game. Also, you get a FREE DVD that brings these fun poker exercises to life. A poker lesson from an expert will always be only a couple of minutes away.

So if you want to feel like a king in poker's royal game, buy this book and join the fun.

See you at the tables,
Neil D. Myers

Neil D. Myers is the author of Limit Hold’em Hand-by-Hand, Quick and Easy Texas Hold’em, and a self-made poker player. He honed his skills in private poker clubs and Atlantic City’s casinos. For years, he made a comfortable side income playing low-limit games. When he is not playing poker, Neil is a sales and marketing consultant. Visit Neil’s website:

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Good Beginner Plus Read (Saturday, February 7, 2009)
Reviewer: Mike G

Good concise advice on playing tight in low limit games. 30 or so example hands to test your knowledge with good explanation about each possible answer for each test hand.

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