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Back In The Game

Holly Chamberlin

ISBN 0758216521
Publish Date 6/5/2007
Format Paperback
Categories Kensington, Women's Fiction
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Nobody said life was fair. That love was forever. Or that getting back in the game would be easy. Then again, nobody said they had to play by the rules, either…

Jess Marlowe doesn’t know why she suddenly stopped loving her husband, Matt. According to her mom, it’s because of Jess’s inability to stick with anything, from ballet in the third grade to Bart, the “nice young man” she dated in college. Trust her mom to forget that Jess was bullied at ballet and that Bart could have earned a degree in crazy.

So now Jess’s marriage is over, but it feels like life is just beginning, if she can navigate this terrifying, thrilling, newly single existence that includes dates with S&M-addicted colleagues, a divorce “support” group that offers anything but, and a whole new way of thinking about love, lust, and everything in between. And the greatest surprise of all comes in discovering what she really wants from a future that’s wide open—and utterly unpredictable…

About Holly Chamberlin:


Holly Chamberlin was born and raised in New York City. After earning a Master’s degree in English Literature from New York University and working as an editor in the publishing industry for ten years, she moved to Boston, married and became a freelance editor and writer. She and her husband now live in downtown Portland, Maine, in a restored mid-nineteenth-century brick townhouse with Betty, the most athletic, beautiful and intelligent cat in the world. Readers can visit her website at:

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