Blood Red

Sharon Page

ISBN 9780758282194
Publish Date 12/26/2006
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Romance Erotica
List Price: $3.99

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Never Been Bitten

Althea Yates is a vampire hunter, skilled with the crossbow and the stake. But she knows nothing of a man's touch--or how to control the unladylike dreams that haunt her sleep. That is when they come, two men of unearthly beauty who ravish her in sweet carnal games, taking her to the precipice of exquisite desire and unimaginable erotic pleasure. It is scandalous. Forbidden. Unholy. For her lovers are not men, but vampires--the very beasts she and her father have sworn to destroy.

It is only a dream. . .until the elegant carriage arrives at the inn, drawn by four black horses. Until Yannick de Wynter, Earl of Brookshire, alights, silver-eyed, determined, and hungry for something she cannot name. And suddenly, Althea is no longer certain whether she has had a dream. . .or a dangerously erotic premonition. . .

About Sharon Page:

Sharon Page is the USA Today bestselling author of more than ten titles of erotic and sensual historical romance. She is a two time consecutive winner of the National Readers’ Choice Award and has twice received the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award. Married with two children, Sharon holds an industrial design degree and has worked for many years in a structural engineering firm. When not writing, she enjoys reading with her children, downhill skiing, and mountain biking. Sharon loves to hear from readers.

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First time (Friday, May 23, 2008)
Reviewer: Merrianne

I have to be honest when I bought the book Blood Red I had never heard of the author before. But I love to read about Vampires. Well I read the book in two days. I could not help myself. Sharon is a very gifted author. She has an ability to keep you on the edge. I felt like I was Miss Yates at times. I can't wait to read Blood Rose. And I would rate this book with 20 stars...........

Blood Red (Saturday, February 3, 2007)

The author is gifted in her ability to set a stage. The reader truly feels they are present in the scene. She can make you feel for her characters as though they are friends. Her sex scenes are steamy and will never leave you hanging. A must read for any lover of erotica.

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